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Quote1.png All right, Hulk. I am Havok of X-Factor, a duly deputized arm of the U.S. government. You're in violation of treaties. Surrender. ... Please surrender. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "X-Calation"

The Pantheon are in the nation of Trans-Sabal trying to oust its tyrannical ruler Farnoq Dahn. However, after their initial battle, Rick Jones tells the Hulk that the might be in the wrong, which doesn't sit well with the gamma-spawned warrior. However, Rick shows the Bruce a SHIELD insignia he had taken off a suit of Mandroid armor that Dahn's armies were piloting. This still doesn't convince the Hulk, who points out that even "good guys" can be on the wrong side of a conflict, explaining that the Pantheon is here to liberate the people of Trans-Sabal. This doesn't ease Rick's uneasiness about the situation but he decides to continue to fight alongside the Hulk. When Hector and Ulysses call the Hulk off to a planning session, Rick declines to join. Walking around the rebel camp, Rick Jones makes fast friends with a resistance fighter named Shurk.

While at the royal palace, Dahn is introduced to the special American government task force that CIA Agent Galvin has called in, the mutant operatives known as X-Factor. He is introduced to Val Cooper, Havok, Polaris, Multiple Man, Quicksilver, Wolfsbane, and Strong Guy. After the pleasantries are out of the way, Farnoq and Galvin explain that the Pantheon has been assisting the resistance's efforts to oust the current leader and because Trans-Sabal is an ally of the United States, X-Factor must assist in quashing the rebels. Although Havok and the others are not too impressed with the situation they are resigned to following their duty.

Meanwhile, at the resistance camp, Hector, Ulysses, and the Hulk plan strategy. When Hector points out that there are over 50,000 troops between them and the royal palace over open terrain, the Hulk tells them not to worry about it. While not far away, Rick Jones learns that Shurk joined the resistance after his father, a newspaper editor, and his entire staff disappeared after writing articles that were critical of Farnoq. He then explains how his mother demanded answers from the police but was beaten and raped by them instead. A year later, she committed suicide. Rick consoles Shurk, having seen his side of the conflict and can relate to him about losing his parents. At that moment in Reno, Betty Banner and Marlo Chandler have agreed to meet with Jacqueline Shorr, a woman who claims to be Rick Jones' biological mother. The two women don't know what to expect but are soon greeted with Shorr, who appears to be a harmless middle-aged woman. She sits down and starts talking about her life before she gave up Rick for adoption. She explains that she gave her son up because there were some men after her, but they are in jail now. However, she didn't seek out her son after because she was out of the country and also feared that Rick might not want anything to do with her. But when she heard that her son had recently moved to Reno, she decided that perhaps it was time to reconnect with Rick.

Back in Trans-Sabal, the armies of Farnoq Dahn are waiting for the resistance to launch their attack. Growing bored they are suddenly under siege when the Hulk tunnels up from the ground under them. He offers the soldiers a chance to surrender but they open fire anyway. He is forced to use his gas grenade launcher on them, but even as they are getting knocked out by the gas, they order an air strike. The Hulk is furious that the high tech fighter planes blew up their own men and leaps up to smash them. Seeing this from afar, Ulysses orders the resistance to move forward. Meanwhile, the Hulk uses one of the enemy ships into the middle of the enemy camp. There, the Hulk is blasted by one of Havok's plasma blast. The Hulk is overwhelmed by the attacking mutants as Farnoq and Val Cooper watch from his palace from a monitor. Cooper is unimpressed when Dahn tries to grope her, by Agent Galvin tells her to behave herself. Elsewhere, Rick Jones and Shurk open fire on enemy soldiers, but Rick is reluctant to mortally wound someone until Shurk is shot dead.

With the Hulk gaining ground, Havok tells his teammates to get back so he can unleash the full force of his powers. The Hulk resists the attacks, forcing Havok to go full blast. Some distance away, Ulysses greets the rest of the Pantheon as they arrive when suddenly there is a massive explosion from out on the battle front.

This story continues in X-Factor #76...


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk asks the members of X-Factor if the "other guys" know that they copped their name. The Hulk is referring to the original X-Factor whom the Hulk first met in Incredible Hulk #336337. Unknown to the Hulk the original X-Factor disbanded and rejoined the X-Men in X-Factor #70.

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