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  • Punisher's arsenal


  • Limo
  • Ice Cream Truck

Synopsis for "Return to Vegas"

Las Vegas mobster Michael Berengetti has been killed by his rival Sam Striker. A funeral is put on, and Striker has the nerve of showing up to it, grinning at Berengetti's widow, Suzi. As the funeral goes on, they are unaware that they are being observed by the Punisher who is seeking to eliminate Striker. After the funeral, Suzi and her friend Mona return to the Coliseum Casino. When they go up to the room that Suzi shared with her husband they are shocked to find Sam Striker and his men waiting for her there. He offers some hollow condolences and then recommends that she turns over her late husband's empire over to him. Suzi tells him to get out and attacks him, telling her husband's killer to get out. When he refuses, the elevator opens and out comes her husband's old enforcer, Joe Fixit, also known as the Incredible Hulk. With him are Ulysses and Paris of the Pantheon.

When Striker and his men refuse to leave, the Hulk lays into them, easily knocking them down. He is then grabbed by Striker's own strong man, a massive African-American man called Frost. However, Sam tells Frost to stand down and they decide to leave. Suzi is happy to see "Joe Fixit" again and is very grateful that he was able to deal with Sam Striker. The Hulk explains that he has come to Suzi's aid because her late husband was one of the few people that gave him a fair chance, and he wants to see the man who killed him pay. Meanwhile, in Reno, Betty and Marlo have Jacqueline Shorr, the woman who claims to be Rick Jones' biological mother, over. They wait for Rick to come over to meet her, but fear he might not show up. When Rick does, he asks the woman what sort of scam she is trying to pull as he knows his parents were Elizabeth and Albert Jones. However, Jacqueline has paperwork from the orphanage where Rick grew up. She explains that she is his biological mother and put him up for adoption and that the Jones family adopted them. When they later died in a car accident, he went back to the orphanage. She then shows Rick something even more shocking: a photo of Jaqueline with a young boy who resembles Rick.

Back in Vegas, the Hulk pays a visit to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and asks to speak with the detective in charge of the Barengetti murder. When he is told that Lieutenant Sanchez is currently out, the Hulk tells the desk sergeant that he will be back. Meanwhile, the Hulk and his allies are being watched by the Punisher who has set up a mobile base inside an ice cream truck. As he watches Ulysses and Paris, the Punisher could swear that Paris looked his direction as he he sensed his thoughts. At the Pantheon's headquarters the Mount, Atalanta is recovering from her ordeals in Antarctica. She is visited by Ajax who has brought her a flower. As Ajax fawns over Atalanta, Achilles walks into the room and gives the woman a dirty look before walking away. In Vegas, the Hulk and his allies are going to their next location and comparing notes when Paris points out that they are being followed by an ice cream truck. The Hulk orders his driver to cut off the ice cream truck.

When the Hulk, Ulysses and Paris go to face the driver of the truck, the Punisher comes out armed to the teeth. As the Hulk advances toward the vigilante, the Punisher opens fire. The bullets bounce off the Hulk harmlessly. When Frank tries to toss a grenade at Banner, he grabs the grenade and smother the blast in his closed fist. Back in Reno, Jacqueline Shorr continues to try and convince Rick that she is his biological mother. Pressing him to remember who she is Rick tosses the phone away and tells her to get out of his life and walks out. While at the Camelot Hotel and Casino, Sam Striker meets with his men, he tells them that he wants Berengetti killed so the other mobs fall in line and charges Frost with the task of killing Joe Fixit. While at the Coliseum, the Punisher wakes up and explains that he is also hunting Sam Striker. The Hulk suggests that they work together to get Striker, and they begin formulating a plan.


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