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Synopsis for "Frost Bite"

At the Coliseum Casino, Doctor Octopus is going on a rampage for being hassled by security. The ruckus brings down the Hulk who is in Vegas trying to avenge the death of his former employer Michael Berengetti. Not recognizing the Hulk, Doctor Octopus lashes out at him, but he is easily overpowered and then knocked out by the Hulk with a single flick of the finger. The Punisher arrives dressed up like one of Joe Fixit's men. Seeing Doctor Octopus all wraped up for the authorities he conteplates shooting the villain in the head. The Hulk tells the Punisher that he won't let him shoot a disarmed man and the two then begin talking about thier plan to take down Sam Striker.

Meanwhile, it appears that Paris is planning on betraying the Hulk as he goes to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino to tell Sam Striker -- Berengetti's killer -- that Suzi Berengetti is going to have the Hulk pick up a drug shipment at a warehouse that evening. Striker has Frost grab Paris by the neck, warning him against this being a double cross and then sends him back to Joe Fixit before he can become suspicious. While back in Reno, Rick Jones and his band are playing in a bar. After playing a son, he sees that Betty and Marlo have come with Jackie Shorr, the woman who claims that she is his biological mother. Rick lashes out against the woman, but when she decides to leave his life again, he has a change of heart and the two hug. Unseen by anyone, Jackie is biting her lip so hard it has begun to bleed.

Back in Vegas, the Hulk and his "gang" arrive at the Acme Storage Warehouse where they are picking up what looks like a cocaine shipment being smuggled in crates filled with coffee beans. The Punisher is posing as mobster "Frank Towers" who is brokering the deal. Suddenly, they are ambushed by Sam Striker and his men who have taken pictures of the drug deals to blackmail Fixit into giving over the money from the deal. However, when Striker admits to killing Michael Berengetti, the Hulk reveals that this is a double-cross as it wasn't a drug deal, but a sting put in place with the assistance of the Las Vegas Police Department. As the police and the mobsters shoot it out, Striker is wounded while Frost tries to get away. The Punisher shoots Frost three times in the chest, which apparently doesn't even phase the villain. Frost then tries to get away in a stolen police helicopter, but the Hulk leaps after him and smashes it. They end up crashing into the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. The Hulk notices that Frost is bleeding from his wounds and wonders what his foe is made of. Suddenly, Frost uses his powers to ice over the Hulk. The Hulk manages to break free and when they resume fighting, the Hulk is shocked when he pulls Frost's head off his shoulders. However, the mobster suddenly explodes in a flurry of ice and snow.

Later, when Striker and the rest of his gang are arrested, Lieutenant Louisa Sanchez thanks the Hulk and his allies for their help. However, the Punisher slips away before she is able to recognize him for who he is.


Continuity Notes

  • Doctor Octopus mentions the fall of his Sinister Six which happened in Spider-Man #18-23, that was also the last time he battled the Hulk.
  • As revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #600 the blow that Doctor Octopus suffers from the Hulk here is partially responsible for serious brain damage that ultimately led to the degradation of the Doctor's original body.

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