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Contained within the Leader's sanctuary of Freehold, Vector, and the U-Foes demand that Omnibus set them free. Omnibus informs them that the Leader was killed by the Hulk. Since they the U-Foes are no longer needed, Omnibus then uses the teleporter to send them away. They materialize near the Hulk and Ironclad attacks him immediately. However, he is not prepared for how angry the Hulk is and is easily subdued. Vector pleads to the Hulk to let his teammate go and that they will leave without further incident. The Hulk thinks this is the smart move and he lets Ironclad go so he and his teammates can limp away. As they depart, the Hulk tells them that revenge just will get them nothing but dead. Witnessing the whole thing, Rick Jones -- who is carrying the catatonic form of his girlfriend Marlo Chandler -- berates Hulk for losing his temper. The Hulk begins to yell at Rick as well, but stops himself when he realizes that he's shouting at Rick while they are atop the Columbia Icefields where Rick and Marlo are practically freezing.

Meanwhile, back at the Pantheon's headquarters the Mount, Agamemnon appears before Delphi and instructs her to look into her scrying pool to see a vision. When she looks into the pool what she sees is the Maestro, an old and evil version of the Hulk from a possible future. She warns that evil will come, and Agamemnon tells her that she has always been his favorite and tells her to remain well. Back at Freehold, Hotshot wakes up in a hospital bed where his girlfriend Jailbait tells him that they are safe but the Leader was killed during the attack on Freehold by Hydra and the Hulk. They are then joined by Omnibus who tells them that they need to discuss the future leadership of their commune. While in Reno, the Hulk arrives at the home shared by Betty and Marlo. He warns her that she is in for a shock, and that's when Rick enters the room with Marlo. Shocked to see Marlo alive and well, Betty suddenly faints. When she finally wakes up, she is filled in on how Marlo was brought back to life. Back in Freehold, Omnibus holds a meeting with the other people of the community to inform them that the Leader is dead. He lulls them into a sense of false security and although his intentions are sinister, convinces them to elect him as the new leader of Freehold.

At that moment at the Mount, Achilles meets with Atalanta to talk. When she mentions that Ajax is confined to the infirmary thanks to his injuries the two take the moment to finally give into their passions as they don't have to worry Ajax responding violently due to his fixation on her. However, they neglect to close the bedroom door and their activities are spied upon by Paris who decides to take advantage of this recent development. Back in Reno, Rick tries to feed Marlo, but in her current state of mind she is doing nothing. Betty points out that Marlo needs some serious medical help, but Rick refuses to do so. However, he loses his patience and storms out of the apartment. The Hulk catches up with him outside. There, Rick blames the Hulk for attacking Freehold before the process the Leader created to bring the Leader back to life could complete itself. However, the Hulk reminds him that Rick should have considered the risks involved with listening to the Leader. Rick demands the Hulk follow his wishes with Marlo and threatens to tell Betty about how they found her father in Freehold, and that the Hulk killed him in battle. When Bruce asks if Rick is blackmailing him, Rick realizes how far he has gone and drops the threat. The Hulk tells Rick that he will do everything he can to help Marlo. Soon they are interrupted by the holographic projection of Agamemnon, who asks the Hulk to have one last meeting with him before he considers leaving the Pantheon. The Hulk agrees and leaps off, leaving Rick to go back to Betty and Marlo.

Back in Freehold, Omnibus goes into the Leader's office and when he considers the power he has just been given he begins to laugh maniacally. When the Hulk arrives at the Mount, he is greeted by Hector and Ulysses. They are then visited by Agamemnon, who tells the Hulk to meet him in his secret chambers. This comes to the shock to Ulysses and Paris as this has never been done before. After pointing out all the times that the Pantheon has helped the Hulk out with his personal issues that the Hulk is hardly a wronged party after the Pantheon's recent alliance with the Leader. He then explains to the Hulk that it is time for him to go out into the world again, something that he hasn't done since World War II. Agamemnon then explains that he would like the Hulk to lead the Pantheon in his absence. The Hulk reluctantly agrees because he's not entirely sure what the Pantheon's quest for the betterment of mankind means, and if he agrees with Agamemnon's vision. When the Hulk agrees to take the job, Agamemnon then reveals his true form: that of a sixteen-year-old boy. He explains to the Hulk that as an immortal, he stopped aging as soon as he hit puberty. He tells the Hulk that the next move belongs to the Hulk.


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