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  • Atalanta's Energy Bow


Synopsis for "Downtime"

In the training room of the Pantheon's Mount Headquarters, Atalanta is testing her archery skills by having Ulysses hold an apple between his legs as the Hulk watches. Ulysses is nervous, but Atalanta assures him that she needs the practice. Atalanta hits her mark, and the Hulk then steps in to tell Ulysses that his report on a mission in Iraq was bereft of details. When Ulysses points out that they didn't have to write reports before, the Hulk reminds him that things change. The Hulk catches up with Atalanta and asks her how he is doing as the new leader of the Pantheon. She tells him that there a difference between leading and being in charge, and excuses herself. She goes into her quarters where she is startled by the presence of Achilles. However, once she recognizes him they embrace. However, Atalanta stops because she is afraid of what will happen is Ajax finds out about their relationship. Achilles points out that they should take advantage of the fact that Ajax is still recovering from injuries he has sustained. This convinces Atalanta who picks Achilles off his feet and carries him to bed. Meanwhile, Paris has arrived in the Pantheon infirmary to check on Ajax's condition. The doctor explains that Ajax will be fit enough to leave in a day. However, Paris convinces him to let Ajax into his custody.

At that moment in Reno, Rick Jones continues to try and snap his girlfriend Marlo Chandler out of her catatonic state. When Betty come to relieve him for an hour, there is a knock at the door. Rick answers it and is greeted by Elaine Schoenfeld, a lawyer representing the Chandler family. She explains that she has come to serve notice that the Chandlers seek to claim guardianship of Marlo as their next of kin. Rick refuses to turn her over and kicks Elaine out of the apartment. Next, the phone rings and it is Doc Samson, who is calling to say that the Hulk is a no-show for their session and he would be coming over to work on Marlo. Suddenly, the Hulk appears in his office. Meanwhile, at the Mount, Ajax goes to Atalanta's room to surprise her with his release. However, he walks in on her in bed with Achilles and put into a jealous rage, punching Achilles out of the room. Back at Leonard's office, Doc Samson asks Hulk a number of questions to get a gauge on his state of mind since he merged all of his personalities. The Hulk replies by saying that everything couldn't be better. Samson doesn't buy into this very easily, but the Hulk grimly asks him if he thinks he is a liar. Suddenly, the Hulk says he is getting another call and Samson realizes he has been talking to a holographic projection. Hulk quickly terminates the projection, leaving Samson to question if he has harmed his patient.

Back at the Mount, Ajax continues his attack on Achilles, bowling pass Hector in the process. Achilles lures Ajax into the hanger where nobody can get hurt by Ajax. However, his invulnerability is negated when the Hulk enters the room to see what is going on. Atalanta tells Ajax to stop it, telling him that she loves Achilles. This puts Ajax into an even more irrational state. The Hulk gets in the fighting off Ajax. Thinking that Atalanta is a liar, the increasingly irrational Ajax threatens to kill Atalanta. The Hulk, steps in again and knocks Ajax outside of the Mount. Meanwhile, in Brazil, a cargo plane is about to take off, the pilot unaware that the creature created by the New World Order has slipped up into the landing gear. At that moment, at the Mount, the battle between the Hulk and Ajax continues. Atalanta then convinces Ulysses and Hector that they need to get down into the middle of it and stop Ajax from hurting himself. By the time they get down into the rubble, Ajax has become suicidal and tries to bring the Mount down around him in the hopes of killing himself. The Hulk gets into the middle of it again and forces him to stop. Ajax then bursts into tears and hugs the Hulk, who comforts the simplistic brute. Watching is Atalanta who begins to cry. Watching from the monitoring room is Paris who laughs at the chaos he has created and wonders what will happen next.


Continuity Notes

  • Elaine Schoenfield mentions being a fan of Rick's book. She is referring to the biography "Sidekick" which Rick first published in Avengers Spotlight #25.
  • Doc Samson is following up on the Hulk's state of mind following the merging of his personalities in Incredible Hulk #377.

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