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Synopsis for "American Pie"

Rick Jones continues trying to snap Marlo Chandler out of her catatonic state. When his current attempts still fail, Rick beings lashing out. When Betty Banner tries to calm him down, the two suddenly kiss. Betty stops things from going further and Rick apologizes, saying that he hasn't gotten much sleep. Betty then tells Rick that they'll talk about it later. Moments later, Rick falls fast asleep. Meanwhile, at the local police station, Elaine Schoenfeld and her clients, Keith and Ray Chandler, demand that the chief of police assist them in recovering Marlo from Rick's custody. The chief points out that since Rick Jones is a local celebrity they need to approach this cautiously, and as such he has called in the help of Captain America to help convince Rick to give Marlo up to her family. While at the Mount, the Hulk and Atalanta check in on Achilles. Achilles is still upset with the Hulk for getting in the middle of his fight with Ajax since his gamma radiation negates Achilles' invulnerability. When the Hulk asks where Atalanta's relationship with Achilles will go now, Atalanta is unsure as she is more concerned about how Ajax is taking it. When they cross paths with the brute, Ajax snubs her and walks away. Atalanta then asks to be alone when Bruce gets a call from his wife. She tells him that Rick really needs his help and for him to come immediately.

At that moment, Doc Samson is driving to see Rick Jones and Marlo. En route he is recording his notes and considers how he should deal with the fact that Rick admitted to killing Farnoq Dahn in Trans-Sabal and how to deal with it. Meanwhile, Rick dreams about Betty Banner approaching him in a nightgown. As Betty strips nude, she tells Rick not to give up and suddenly turns into Marlo. Rick is startled awake to the sound of a knock at the door. When Betty answers it, they are greeting by Captain America with the police. Cap tells the officers to wait outside while he tries to talk sense to Rick. However, Cap's former sidekick refuses to give up Marlo. Cap then tells the officers to come in, but they are interrupted by the arrival of the Hulk. Bruce orders the cops outside and confronts Cap, telling him to leave. Captain America continues to talk sense into Hulk and Rick, but neither are willing to listen. When reason fails, Captain America uses his superior fighting skills to trip up the Hulk and use his own momentum to toss him out into the street.

While Captain America and the Hulk fight it out and are interrupted by Doc Samson, Rick and Betty close the door on the cops and the Chandlers. This doesn't do much to stop the police who smash through the door and try to subdue Rick, but he fights back. The Hulk fights off both Samson and Captain America, while Rick falls to the cops. However, before things can escalate even more, Betty calls everyone's attention to Marlo who begins to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Marlo then tells everyone that she is hungry. Breaking down into tears, Rick asks her if pizza would be okay, to which Marlo responds "uh-huh".


Continuity Notes

  • Doc Samson mentions how Rick killed Farnoq Dahn in Trans-Sebal. That happened in Incredible Hulk #392.
  • Captain America also recounts how he once fought to protect Rick from the Hulk. He is referring to the events of Captain America #110 when Cap saved Rick's life during one of the Hulk's rampages.


During the battle between Captain America and the Hulk is witnessed by two Japanese tourists who speak only in Japanese what they say:

  • "Mite, atarashii mangaka ga Hulk wo totemo jozu ni kakimasu!" Which translates to: "Look, a new Hulk Comic book! I will like it very much!
  • "Hayaku shashin wo tote!" which translates to: "Hurry up and shoot!" (referring to a photo being taken)

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