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Synopsis for "The Troyjan War Part 1: Illegal Aliens"

In deep space, the Troyjan known as Trauma meets with his father, the dreaded Armageddon to ask his permission to return to Earth and take the woman known as Atalanta to be his bride. The ruler of the Troyjans allows his son, but warns him not to fail.

Meanwhile, in Reno, Nevada, the Hulk appears at his psychology session with Doc Samson as a holographic projection. This angers Samson who insists that the Hulk came to these sessions in person. Banner explains that he is needed at the Mount. Samson then begins questioning the Hulk's recent activities, including the Trans-Sabal incident as well as his recent clashes with the Leader, the U-Foes, Captain America, Piecemeal, the Bi-Beast and lastly SHIELD at Fort Cheer. Samson points out that the Hulk has been resorting to violence more and more frequently, behavior more befitting the savage Hulk than Bruce Banner. When Samson suggests that Banner might be undoing all the work they have accomplished, he cuts the transmission. Before Samson can do anything, Rick Jones comes in for his scheduled visit, and Samson insists that they need to talk.

Later, at the Mount, the Hulk and Atalanta are in a virtual training session. As they fight various constructs, the Hulk tells Atalanta that she and Achilles need to do something for a while because it affects the temperament of Ajax. Atalanta refuses to end the relationship or leave the Mount. However, as the session ends, the Hulk orders her to make a decision about it one way or the other because talking to Ajax doesn't work due to his simplistic mind. This doesn't sit well with Atalanta who was just starting to like Banner. Back in Reno, Betty and Marlo are preparing wedding invitations. Marlo points out that Rick has been preoccupied recently, and Betty figures it's because the superhero community seems to be snubbing him for some reason. With the wedding fast approaching, Betty asks Marlo where she and Rick and going to live after. Marlo explains that she will be moving in with Rick, leaving Betty alone with the house. However, when Betty points out that she can't afford the house on her own, Marlo suggests that she sort things out with her husband, Bruce.

Back at the Mount, the Hulk calls in Ulysses into a meeting to discuss his suspicions that there is a leak within their organization, which is the only explanation for SHIELD getting involved in their attack on Fort Cheer. Ulysses immediately blames Paris, but the Hulk tells him to put his rivalry aside and find the leak objectively. After going over recent developments, the two hear a scream and head outside. There they find that Cassiopeia has returned home and is tormenting Hector by hitting on him. Banner is surprised to learn that Cassie is a fan of his work. Back at Doc Samson's place, Samson begs Rick to reveal the location of the Pantheon's headquarters, but Rick refuses to betray the Hulk's trust. Samson points out that the Avengers are concerned about the Hulk's recent activities and by proxy, his as well and tells him that the future depends on Rick.

When Rick leaves he goes to the site of the gamma bomb test that created the Hulk to think. He is joined by Atalanta who has come here to try and understand the Hulk better. The two get to talking about if what they are doing is right. She confides in Rick about her anger and frustration over the recent love triangle between her, Achilles and Ajax. They are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Trauma who tells Atalanta that she must come with him. When she refuses, his troops deploy from his ship. The two humans fight back, but they are easily overpowered and subdued. That's when the Hulk arrives on the scene try and diffuse the scene. When he tries to talk things through, Trauma orders his men to kill the Hulk. The Hulk is gunned down but by the time he recovers from the onslaught, Trauma has already snatched Atalanta and departed. Furious over this loss, the Hulk vows to smash them all. Hearing this greatly troubles Rick.


Continuity Notes

  • Rick recounts the events that led to Bruce Banner being transformed into the Hulk, as originally seen in Incredible Hulk #1.

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