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Appearing in "The Troyjan War Part 3: Jammin"

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  • Ulysses' Energy Sword
  • Ulysses' Energy Shield
  • Hector's Energy Ball-and-Chain


Synopsis for "The Troyjan War Part 3: Jammin"

The Starjammers are surprised to find the Hulk drifting in space. As they debate on if they should bring him aboard their ship, the Silver Surfer catches up and insists that they let them come aboard. Meanwhile, aboard Trauma's ship, Atalanta is still on the run from her captors but has paused because traveling through hyperspace makes her sick. While she has stopped to throw up, Trauma manages to catch up and incapacitate her. Elsewhere on the ship, Ulysses, Cassiopeia, and Hector battle it out with the Troyjan warriors. Trauma arrives with Atalanta in his arms and orders the Pantheon to stand down or she will mutilate his captive. With no other choice, Ulysses, and the others surrender.

Meanwhile, the Hulk awakens in the med-lab of the Starjammer. He is startled by Sikorsky and thinks he is under attacked. However, he is stopped by the Silver Surfer and introduced to Corsair and the Starjammers. They explain that they were investigating a warp jump for the Shi'ar when they came upon the Hulk and the Silver Surfer floating in space. The Hulk requests the Starjammers assistance to find the Argo and continue their rescue mission. Aboard the Argo, Prometheus wakes up and demands to know why Achilles didn't rescue the Hulk and allowed the Troyjans to escape. Achilles grabs his teammate by the throat and explains that he has no need for the Hulk and they can track Ulysses and the others without him. He then warns Prometheus that the Pantheon is going to undergo some massive changes soon and he should do well to chose the right side.

Elsewhere in space, Lord Armageddon learns that his son Trauma has succeeded in capturing Atalanta and is now on his way back home. However, they soon detect the Starjammer and the Silver Surfer invading Troyjan space and fighting through their defenses. Intrigued to hear that the Silver Surfer is coming, Armageddon arms himself and orders his minions to prepare for a fitting welcome. As the Starjammer and the Surfer fight their way to the Troyjan starport, they are ordered by High Lord Vitto to surrender. The Hulk convinces Corsair that pretending to surrender is their best bet. At that moment in Reno, Rick Jones is in the shower when he hears a knock at the door. Answering it, he finds a strange man and woman at his door. Mistaking them from members of a strange religion he tries to close his door. The woman smashes her way in and tells him that they have a message to deliver. Not willing to listen, Jones instead attacks the intruders. Back at the starport, the Hulk, Surfer and the Starjammers fight it out with their Troyjan enemies. Once they have won the fight, they are approached by the diminutive High Lord Vitto who tells them that they have committed great crimes against the Troyjan empire and orders them to surrender and be sentenced. When the Hulk confirms that they will be brought before Armageddon, he and his allies surrender.

Elsewhere, the captured members of the Pantheon are being taken to Armageddon. They are horrified to discover that their leader Agamemmnon made a deal with the Troyjans for the technology that had prolongued his life. In exchange, the Troyjans could then claim a tithe by means of any member of Agamemnon's family they desire.


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