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Appearing in "The Troyjan War Part 4: The Big Bang"

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  • Troyjan space


  • Ulysses' Energy Sword
  • Ulysses' Energy Shield


Synopsis for "The Troyjan War Part 4: The Big Bang"

The Hulk, Silver Surfer and the Starjammers have surrendered to High Lord Vitto so they can be brought before Armageddon, leader of the Troyjans as part of their efforts to rescue the captured members of the Pantheon. They are brought to the royal throne room where they are shocked to see that Atalanta has agreed to marry Trauma. Elsewhere in the starport, Ulysses, Hector, and Cassiopeia have been locked up in a cell. Their attempts to break free have failed, but they are rescued Achilles who managed to track them down and recover their weapons. Back in the throne room the Hulk learns about Agamemnon's deal with Armageddon to turn over one of his children in exchange for the technology that has prolonged his life. Atalanta confirms this, having seen the documents that their former leader signed. However, the Hulk refuses to honor the deal and tries to attack Trauma, but is incapacitated by Armageddon's weapons. When the Silver Surfer tries to come to the Hulk's aid, Armageddon blasts the former herald of Galactus with powerful eye beams which overloaded the Silver Surfer by channeling and redirecting the Surfer's own Power Cosmic.

The Hulk then plays to Trauma's pride, mocking him for having his father intervene in all of his battles. This enrages Trauma who demands that his father free the Hulk so they can fight to the finish. Armageddon concedes to his son's wishes and lets the Hulk free and the two are soon trading blows. Elsewhere in the facility, the other members of the Pantheon are racing against the clock to find Atalanta so they can escape before their ship, the Argo, runs out of power. Suddenly, the Hulk and Trauma comes smashing through the wall. While in the throne room, Armageddon continues to bombard the Silver Surfer with his own Power Cosmic. Cassie steps in the way, absorbing the Surfer's tremendous energies and shooting them towards Armageddon in the form of a powerful blast (whose power output is multiplied by the factor of two). As the Surfer recovers, the Hulk continues his fight with Trauma. During the fight, one of Trauma's spiked shoulder pieces gets embedded into a wall. As the two powerhouses struggle with each other, the Hulk shoves him into the wall again, impaling Trauma on his own armor. Mortally wounded, Trauma falls over and begins to bleed out.

The fight suddenly ends when Trauma cries out for his father. When everyone gathers around the dying Trauma, he asks Atalanta if he should die for his love of her. When she says he shouldn't, he releases her from her bond to him. As he dies, Trauma is cradled by his father who orders everyone to get out. When the Hulk offers his own grief, Armageddon tells Banner to save his grief for himself.

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