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The Hulk pays a visit to Doc Samson after an upsetting experience. Samson is about to tell him that he is planning to leave because Bruce won't allow him to help. However, after Bruce sees the reflection of the Maestro in the mirror and smashes it and breaks down, Samson realizes that Banner needs his help. Meanwhile, Betty Banner returns home after canceling all of Rick and Marlo's wedding plans only to discover that the couple have made up and the wedding is back on. Betty is furious after spending her whole day pleading to cancel all the plans. While at the Four Freedoms Plaza in New York, Captain America pays a visit to the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch. They all agree that they should attend Rick's wedding after all, regardless of the questionable conduct of the Hulk. Back in Reno, the Hulk tells Doc Samson about his experiences in the future ruled by the Maestro. Specifically, he talks about how the Maestro broke his neck, leaving him helpless at the hands of one of his slave women who later raped him. This causes him to suddenly stop his recounting, he leaves telling Samson that looking into Maestro's eyes reminded him of the eyes of his abusive father.

Later, the Hulk joins Rick, Marlo, and Betty at the airport where they are waiting for the arrival of Marlo's mother Elaine. They are shocked to see that Mrs. Chandler is a much shorter woman than her vivacious daughter. She is impressed with Rick, liking him much better than the "gray gargoyle" that she dated previously. When they go to the luggage carousel, the Hulk pretends that Mrs. Chandler's suitcases are too heavy for him to lift, eliciting groans from Betty. While at the Mount, Ulysses and Hector are getting ready to attend Rick's bachelor party. Hector takes this opportunity to confront Ulysses over his dislike of the fact that Hector is gay. When Ulysses tells Hector that his "choice" to be gay is none of his concern, Hector says being homosexual isn't a choice, it is who he is. Back at their home, Betty, Marlo, Elaine, and Atalanta wait for the arrival of the other women attending Marlo's Bachelorette party. They are soon joined by the She-Hulk, the Invisible Woman, and Lyja to get the nights festivities started.

At that moment at a veterans hall, Rick's bachelor party is in full swing. As the Hulk's allies and superheroes converse with each other, members of the Teen Brigade spike the punch. Suddenly, the party is crashed by a costumed woman calling herself the Ecdysiast, hired by Captain America for the party. Cap thinks he hired a magician, but is quickly horrified to discover that she is actually a stripper when she ties Rick to a chair. The Hulk tells Cap not to tell Betty about this, wondering what she would think about such objectification of the human body. However, the ladies have all gone to a male strip club where they are having a wild time. Suddenly, the party is crashed by some armed gunmen who have come to rob the patrons. Their mistake, however, is in choosing the night the club is full of female superheroes. Later that night, Rick's party quiets down for the screening of a pornographic film. After the Vision uses his powers to fix the projector, they are all in for a surprise when the woman in the film turns out to be Rick's bride-to-be. While at the Four Freedoms Plaza, the Impossible Man shows up to find the place deserted. Finding an invitation to Rick and Marlo's wedding, the Impossible Man believes that his invitation must have gotten lost and plans to show up anyway.


Continuity Notes

  • Captain America mentions how the Avengers owe Rick Jones so much. Rick helped form the Avengers back in Avengers #1 has been a regular ally since.
  • Marlo's mother mentions her disapproval of her last boyfriend a "grotesque man with gray skin". She's referring to Joe Fixit, one of the Hulk's former personas. Marlo dated Fixit from Incredible Hulk #347358.

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