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Synopsis for "Pursuit"

The Hulk is showing his wife Betty Banner around the Mount when they run into Atalanta and Ajax in the botanical gardens. Thinking Ajax is attacking her again, the Hulk comes to her aid, only to discover that he had been acting prematurely, and the pair were actually making amends. Bruce is given a hard time for giving Atalanta an ultimatum to deal with the problem or leave. The most upset is Betty as she sees something of the old Hulk in Ajax.

Meanwhile, the Pantheon's former leader Agamemnon is walking the streets of New York, when suddenly he sees the image of Delphi in a puddle. She warns him to get down and he ducks into a nearby subway station, narrowly avoiding a bullet meant for him. As the apparent youth slips into a subway car he spots his pursuer: Jason the Renegade. As the subway pulls out of the station, Agamemnon fears that it has begun. Back at the Mount, the Pantheon meets to debrief on their battle with the Troyjans. It's here that Atalanta explains that Agamemnon made a deal with the Troyjans to turn over any of his children in exchange for technology that would help prolong his life. They all discuss the validity of Troyjan's claims and if they should hunt down their former leader. When Atalanta questions the Hulk's legitimacy as leader he loses his temper and warns her to watch her tone. He walks out of the meeting telling the other they are to give individual reports on what they should do about the situation.

Back in his quarters with Betty, the Hulk donates money to the hostel that was run by Jim Wilson used to run to ensure that it will be able to continue operations for at least another decade. When Betty asks about if they are going to hunt down Agamemnon, and the Hulk isn't sure because one false move and he could tear the Pantheon apart. This causes him to think about the Maestro's warnings that the Hulk will lose everything he cares about. When Betty insists on tagging along, the Hulk his reluctant to let her. However, she points out how Bruce used to bring Rick Jones along with him. The Hulk isn't entirely convinced and takes her down to the shooting range to see how well Betty can handle a gun. She fires off a full clip and at first it looks like she missed the bullseye in the center. However, when they pull it forward, they notice that Betty fired all her shots into the groin of the mock-up. Later, the Hulk pays a visit to Delphi. She tells him that they can find Agamemnon in Boston but to beware of Jason as well as a green monster that will destroy them all. Soon, the Hulk has a drawing of the true face of Agamemnon circulated among the others, and Atalanta thanks the Hulk for going forward on the hunt for Agamemnon, but the Hulk feels dirty.

Later, in Boston, the member of the Pantheon begin their search for their patriarch all over the city but find no trace of him. Everyone, but Ulysses reports back to the Hulk who is above the city in a Pantheon ship. When the Hulk contacts Ulysses to get his report, he is actually watching a baseball game at Fenway Park. However, as luck would have it he spots Agamemnon being pursued by Jason in the opposite side of the stands. As Agamemnon tries to flee Jason, his pursuer pulls out his gun and tries to shoot him. Jason's is then ambushed by Hector and Cassiopea. When Jason tries to shoot Hector, Ulysses gets into the way of the shot. Jason is surprised that everyone is coming to Agamemnon's aid when suddenly the Hulk dives down to face his foe. Agamemnon tells the Hulk and the others to get away as he can handle the situation. The refuse to leave, so Agamemnon teleports himself and the Hulk to another location. There they are confronted by a red-bearded man calling himself Thor.


Continuity Notes

  • Steve Rogers briefly mistakes Agamemnon with his old sidekic Bucky. At the time of this story, everyone believes that Bucky had died during World War II as seen in Avengers #4. However, it is later revealed in Captain America Vol 5 #8, Bucky has actually been alive this whole time operating as the Russian assassin known as the Winter Soldier.
  • Jim Wilson's hostel is identified as an AIDS hostel. This story was written during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the United States in the 1990s. In particular, it was likely inspired by the story of Ryan White, a child who was infected with the virus from a blood transfusion. His tragic story was one of many that showed the United States that AIDS wasn't just a disease affecting the homosexual community (who were greatly stigmatized and considered socially unacceptable at the time) but a threat to everybody and that transmission could be caused by other means. As great a commentary this story has, as this story occurs in the Modern Age and considering the advancements in treatment, lower mortality rates, and reduced stigma towards the disease, this should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Modern readers should interpret this as an auto-immune disease as opposed to a specific illness.
  • Betty mentions how Bruce always brought Rick Jones out on his adventures. This occurred frequently from Incredible Hulk #1 onwards. The Hulk points out that Rick was trained by Captain America, that began after the events of Avengers #4.
  • The man with the red beard claiming to be Thor is actually Red Norvell. Norvell once usurped the power of Thor back in Thor #273-278 but sacrificed his life for all of Asgard. At the time of this story, Odin had recently resurrected Norvell to act as Thor in Asgard as seen in Thor #477-478.


  • In this story, Betty makes a reference to Robert Crais' novel Free Fall mentioning the Hulk; the Hulk confirms it, explaining that Crais is his personal friend. In real life, Crais' 1993 novel Free Fall indeed has a mention to the Hulk.

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