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Synopsis for "Flight"

The Hulk and Agamemnon find themselves transported to one of the realms of Asgard to escape Jason the Renegade. There they are confronted by a red-haired claiming to be Thor. As this Thor attacks, he tells Agamemnon to flee. The Hulk is unimpressed and doesn't believe this man is who he claims he is and orders him to stand down. Not far away, the Pantheon's Cassiopeia and Hector have been transported here along with Betty Banner. They begin looking for the Hulk when suddenly, the man they are looking for comes crashing through a mountain and lands in front of them. That's when Thor catches up with the Hulk but this time Bruce is ready for him. Still thinking he is fighting an impostor, the Hulk tries to prove it by lifting his attackers hammer. But, despite all his strength, the Hulk cannot lift the massive weapon off the ground.

Meanwhile, in the realm of the Frost Giants stands the fortress of Siingard. Tururgid the Unbeatable reports to his master that he has captured a young man. It turns out to be Agamemnon. When Siingard sees who it is, Tururgid is beheaded for this transgression. Siingard then bows to Agamemnon and asks how he can be of service. The former leader of the Pantheon tells him that they will soon be under siege by powerful forces that he inadvertently brought to this realm. Not far away, the battle between the Hulk and Thor rages on. Although Thor has the upper hand, the Hulk is assisted by Cassiopeia who incapacitates Thor with one of her energy blasts. He then redirects the next blast, but the Hulk gets in the way. Fed up of this Thor impostor and his inconsistent accents, the Hulk holds him at bay. Suddenly, Betty gets the drop on this imitation Thor and puts a gun to his head. Suddenly, Frandral of the Warriors Three places his sword at Betty's throat. This is followed by Hector wrapping his ball and chain around Fandral's neck. Hogun next appears and threatens Hector with his mace.

While back at Siingard's fortress, Agamemnon discusses his enemies with his ally. Siingard suggests that they use Hoarfen, the creature which defends the castle. Elsewhere, Jason the Renegade walks across the frozen wastelands when he is attacked by a wolf. He shoots the savage beast and begins eating its meat. Elsewhere still, Thor, the Warriors Three, the Hulk, Betty and their Pantheon allies set up camp. The Hulk continues to press the Warriors Three for the identity of this new Thor, but they do not recognize him as an impostor, which confuses the Hulk. They are joined by Volstaag who brings them food and gives them a positive ID on Agamemnon, telling the others that he had ventured to Siingard's fortress. The next day they confront Siingard and Agamemnon at the fortress. The Hulk demands that Agamemnon surrender but he refuses. When the Hulk and his allies refuse to leave, Siingard summons Hoarfen.

During the confusion, the Pantheon manages to grab Agamemnon, dropping him into the Hulk's arms. Then, Hoarfen the massive half-wolf half-Forst Giant emerges from the ice. Ignoring Siingard's demands, the massive creature swallows the Hulk and Agamemnon.


Continuity Notes

  • The man with the red beard claiming to be Thor is actually Red Norvell. Norvell once usurped the power of Thor back in Thor #273278 but sacrificed his life for all of Asgard. At the time of this story, Odin had recently resurrected Norvell to act as Thor in Asgard as seen in Mighty Thor #477478.

Publication Notes

  • Includes "The Ultimate Trading Card" a comic book advertisement insert produced by Marvel in collaboration with NFL Properties Inc.

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