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Synopsis for "Hel and Back"

While trying to track down their former leader, the Hulk, members of the Pantheon and Betty Banner found themselves transported to Asgard where they tracked Agamemnon to the castle of the Frost Giant known as Siingard. There the Frost Giants summoned the half Frost Giant/half-wolf named Hoarfen who then consumed the Hulk and Agamemnon before their eyes. The Hulk and Agamemnon then find themselves transported to the Asgardian netherworld known as Hel. Agamemnon tells the Hulk to trust him to lead them back to the land of the living, in exchange for his freedom. The Hulk agrees to these terms but they are then confronted by Hela and her armies of the undead. When Agamemnon tries to plead to Hela that they do not belong here, she tells them that she too doesn't belong, yet here is where they are going to stay.

In Jotunheim, Betty is horrified to watch her husband being eaten alive before her eyes and has to be held back by Volstaag. Meanwhile, Siingard chastises Hoarfen for consuming Agamemnon, one of his allies. However, the creature is not concerned and attacks Siingard. That's when Thor confronts the giant hybrid creature and strikes it down with a bolt of lightning. Back in Hel, the Hulk refuses to accept that he is dead and so Hela challenges him and Agamemnon to leave her realm before plunging them into total darkness. Regardless, Agememmmnon helps guide the Hulk in trying to leave this realm of the dead. At that moment on Earth, Ulysses wakes up in the med-lab at the Mount. There he explains to Achilles and Atalanta that he was injured blocking a shot fired by Jason that was meant for Hector. When they ask why he didn't use his shield, Ulysses explains that it wouldn't activate. Watching this from afar is Paris, who is upset to see that Ulysses survived his act of sabotage.

Back in Hel, Agamemnon tries to encourage the Hulk by pointing out all the legendary Asgardians who managed to walk free from Hela's bosom. Finding a flashlight in his pocket, Agamemnon hands it over to the Hulk. When they turn it on they find Hela and her legions of the undead standing in the darkness. Hela explains to the two travelers that she will allow them to go no further and unleashes her hordes upon them. The Hulk refuses to surrender and lays into his attacking armies. At that moment in Jotunheim, Hector, Cassiopeia, Fandral, Hogun, and Thor battle Hoarfen. When the Frost Giants terrorize Betty, Volstaag is there to defend her. However, when one of them gets past Volstaag, Betty defends herself by shooting the Frost Giant into the groin. Meanwhile, Thor manages to land a seemingly fatal blow to Hoarfen. While in Hel, the Hulk continues to push through the hordes of Hela. However, he finds it harder and harder to think and when Agamemnon pushes him further, but the Hulk fears that if he loses control he might not be able to control it ever again. Instead, they manage to get their freedom when Agamemnon petitions Hela to let them go by asking her to wait a little while long for him to join her. Breaking down in years, Hela surprisingly agrees to do so.

in Jotunheim, the heroes finally manage to fell Hoarfen and much to their surprise, as the creature falls, the Hulk and Agamemnon leap out of the monster's maw. Siingard sees his fallen warriors and blames Thor for this loss. Before the battle can resume anew, Thor uses his hammer to send the Hulk and his allies back to Earth. Back on Earth, the members of the Pantheon restrain Agamemnon, who demands that the Hulk stay true to his word. The Hulk retorts by saying that he gave his word to let Agamemnon free, but the Pantheon made no such claims. This entire trial has been chronicled by retired Pantheon member Andromeda. She is visited by her daughter Delphi who detects that bad times are ahead of them. Andromeda tells her daughter to stay for a while so they can create new myths together.


Continuity Notes

  • The man with the red beard claiming to be Thor is actually Red Norvell. Norvell once usurped the power of Thor back in Thor #273278 but sacrificed his life for all of Asgard. At the time of this story, Odin had recently resurrected Norvell to act as Thor in Asgard as seen in Mighty Thor #477478.

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