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  • Argo

Synopsis for "Error"

The Pantheon has put their former leader, Agamemnon, on trial for his transgressions against the group. Admitting to his crimes, the former leader has activated his Endless Knights to destroy the utopia he has created within the Mount. The Hulk demands that his predecessor stop them at once, but Agamemnon informs him that once activated, nothing can shut down the Endless Knights. When Jason threatens to torture the answer out of Agamemnon, the former leader of the Pantheon tells them that he is telling the truth and there is nothing that they can do. With a major crisis on their hands, the Hulk orders Ulysses, Hector, to prepare strike teams while Cassie, Paris and Prometheus evacuate all the civilians in the facility. He then tells Atalanta and Ajax to lock Agamemnon in the holding cells and join the others. It's then that Jason notices that Achilles is no longer present, but the Hulk believes he'll turn up sooner or later. When Betty asks what she can do, Bruce tells her that she has to leave with the others as well. When she resists this, the Hulk tells Prometheus to escort her out. Down in the holding cell, Ajax guards Agamemnon, although he is confused why everything is happening.

While in her quarters, Atalanta is confronted by Achilles who tells her that he knew this was going to happen. Atalanta doesn't want him to come near her as he is a traitor to the Pantheon. when Achilles tries to force himself on his one-time lover, Ulysses enters in and tells him that the only way he will leave the facility is in a body bag. Meanwhile, the Hulk sends a holographic projection out to Doc Samson's home. There he tells Samson to watch out for Betty while he deals with this emergency. He also expresses his concerns that there is something going on inside him, but can't make the time to see Samson. He reiterates to Samson to look after Betty before terminating the projection. As Betty is being taken to safety, and the Hulk mobilizes his army, Ulysses and Achilles begins fighting out. Ultimately, Achilles manages to disarm Ulysses who is no match in a hand-to-hand fight due to his invulnerability. Ulysses tells Achilles that it isn't over, but Achilles insists that it is and walks out.

As the evacuation of the Mount continues, the Hulk confronts Agamemnon in his cell. The former leader of the Pantheon tells the Hulk that he lied, there is one way to stop the Endless Knights: his own death. When the Hulk asks what they are up against, Agamemnon explains that the Endless Knights are a variation on the Asgardian Destroyer armor. When the Hulk asks why, Agamemnon explains that he enjoys building things up so he can tear them down. Suddenly, there is an explosion, signaling the arrival of the Endless Knights. While back in Reno, Prometheus is about to drop Betty off. He is suddenly grabbed by Doc Samson who demands answers. While both men are distracted, Betty takes control of the car and drives off. Meanwhile, while the Hulk and the others prepare for the attack to begin, Atalanta and Ulysses work their way to join up their others. As the battle rages inside, Betty arrives back at the scene and refuses to turn back. She arms herself with a gun and heads toward the mount. While down below in the holding cells, Achilles frees Agamemnon, demanding that his father give him the power he deserves. The jailbreak in interrupted by the arrival of Ulysses and Atalanta.

While above the battle rages on with the Endless Knights. During the fight, Cassie is horrified that one of the Knights has been created by the corpse of her father. The Hulk realizes, much to his horror, that the Knights are made out of the remains of dead members of the Pantheon. As Ulysses and Achilles continue to fight it out, Agamemnon manages to slip away. Atalanta tries to get help, but the Hulk and the others are still too busy fighting against the Endless Knights. She follows after him and witnesses him trying to get away in a small plane. Atalanta jumps onboard, but as they take to the air. When Atalanta is knocked off she manages to shoot the craft out of the sky with an energy arrow. With the apparent demise of Agamemnon, the Endless Knights explode, decimating the Mount. As the place explodes, Betty was trying to reach her husband. She runs in on Achilles just as he is about to shoot Ulysses and he shoots her instead. Hearing Betty's scream, the Hulk goes to investigate. When confronted by the enraged Hulk, Achilles tries to explain it was an accident.

The Hulk gets so angry he loses complete control, however instead of become a savage Hulk he instead becomes a savage Bruce Banner. Taking delight in this turn of events, Achilles then begins beating on Bruce Banner until Ulysses can recover and resume high fight. During the attack, Ulysses pushes Achilles onto his energy blade. This mortally wounds Achilles, as Banner's presence still made him vulnerable. His final words are about how loving Atalanta leads to death and Achilles dies in a burst of energy. With the battle over, Bruce Banner goes to his wife, who is gravely wounded.


Continuity Notes

  • This story depicts Agamemnon dying in a similar fashion to the apparent death of Bucky seen in Avengers #4. There is no known connection between Agamemnon and Bucky.

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