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With a child killer on the loose, the Hulk has entered the Florida swamps to find him so that the police will stop investigating his alter-ego "Bob Danner" as a likely suspect. As the Hulk searches for the killer, Old Albert and his latest would-be victim, Skip Templeton, are face to face with the Man-Thing. As the boy gives into his fear, it reminds Albert of the fear brought on by his abusive childhood. Suddenly, finding something in common with his victim, Albert rushes between Skip and the Man-Thing to protect the boy. Hearing the screams from the cabin, the Hulk is about to head in its direction when he is suddenly attacked by a swarm of alligators.

Back at the "Danner" home, Betty entertains Cheif Largo, who is waiting for her husband to return home so she can question him about the disappearances of children in the area. While back in the swamps, with the Man-Thing gone, Albert has tied Skip up and refuses to let him go. Struggling to put on the shoe of his last victim on his foot, he cannot make it fit. Suddenly, Albert hears some splashes from outside and goes out to investigate. Outside he comes face to face with the Hulk who asks him if he has seen a young boy. Albert makes no attempt to hide the truth and explains that he takes the children in order to protect them. Bruce confronts the man, calling him sick. However, to Albert's mind, killing the children is the only way to protect them from their parents. This strikes a chord with the Hulk, as the accusations of child abuse make him think about his own abusive childhood. Brought into a frenzy, the Hulk rushes at Albert, his emotions drawing the Man-Thing out of the swamps once more. Back in the cabin, Skip struggles to get free from his bonds, but instead knocks down a gas lantern starting a fire.

Meanwhile, at the "Danner" home, Betty continues to get questioned by Chief Largo, who is interested to know how she was injured. She sarcastically states that she got into a shootout with an annoying police officer. This causes Largo to put on the bad cop routine to try and get answers out of Betty, but she is hardly phased by his change in demeanor. Back in the swamp, the Hulk recognizes the Man-Thing from their last encounter and tells the muck monster to stay out of his way. However, the Man-Thing is influenced by Albert's angry emotions causing it to lash out at the Hulk. Fed up of the monster's interference, the Hulk rips the Man-Thing apart. By this point, Albert has noticed that his cabin is on fire and rushes toward it. While the Hulk struggles to keep his anger in check, the Man-Thing is able to reform itself and upon grabbing the Hulk's head, burning at the Man-Thing's touch. While the Hulk is busy fighting off the Man-Thing, Albert manages to pull Skip from the burning house.

While the Hulk thinks he is too late to save the boy, although Albert has managed slip out into the water with a rowboat. There he is about ready to kill Skip to "save him", but Skip fights back by clubbing Albert with his dead brother's shoe. This causes both of them to fall out of the boat. As Albert is eaten alive by the aligators, the Hulk pulls Skip from the water and takes him home. Soon, Chief Largo learns the truth of the situation from young Skip, removing any suspicions from the "Danner" family. Betty thanks the Hulk for helping rescue the boy so they would not have to leave Sunville. Regardless, the Hulk cannot fathom that such a monster as Old Albert can exist in the world.


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