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Other Characters:

  • Old Man Miller
  • Kate Shappe (First appearance) (Death)
  • Cahill




Synopsis for "A Little Death"

Getting ready to work his job at a towing company, the Hulk wraps himself up in bandages, although he believes that the "burned stunt man" cover is flimsy at best. When he tells this to Betty, she is distracted because she is witnessing a homeless girl named Kate Shappe going through their neighbor's garbage. Old Man Miller is not happy about this and comes outside to tell the girl to stay off his property. He pushes her out in traffic and would be run over by a passing car if it was not for the intervention of the Hulk. The girl barely registers what happens as she is experiencing morning sickness and passes out after throwing up in the street.

Meanwhile, at the Sunville police station, Chief Largo's head is off of his body and resting on his desk. When one of his officers calls for him, Largo's body picks the head off the desk and reattaches it to his body. Officer Cahill explains that they have been getting a number of troubling phone calls about a nearby clinic. Largo orders that he officers are only to watch the home and only act when they do something out of the ordinary. At that moment at Max Christensen's auto garage, the Hulk tells Max about their encounter with Kate Shappe and how Betty gave her money and took her to the clinic to consider her options with the baby. Max recalls how that there was a protest scheduled for the 15th. When the Hulk realizes that today is the 15th he fears that Kate might be in trouble. At the clinic, Betty and Kate wait for the doctors. Outside a mob protests against the fact that clinic gives abortions. Kate asks Betty what she should do, but Betty can't make such a huge decision on Kate's behalf. Suddenly, one of the protestors tossess a brick through the window. A doctor comes in and tells them that someone has lit the building on fire.

As they rush outside, Kate is shot by one of the protestors just as the Hulk arrives. Furious to see such a loss of life, the Hulk demands to know who shot the poor girl. Before he can get answers, he is confronted by Chief Largo, who orders "Bob Danner" to stand down. The Hulk and Largo come to blows, convincing Betty that the Chief is more than human. The Hulk's temper begins to soar thanks to the persecution they have received since arriving in Sunville, and the death of Kate. With his anger reaching its zenith, the Hulk realizes that he is about to turn into the savage Bruce Banner, blowing their cover and so he flees the scene. Although one of the officers manages to shoot the Hulk as he flees, Chief Largo orders his officers to stand down. By the time the Hulk arrives at his home, he reverts back into Bruce Banner and goes on a rampage through the home until Betty. Seeing her husband in this state and bleeding to death, Betty begs him to hold it together for her as she can't handle the situation alone. This calms Bruce down enough to turn back into the Hulk. As they try to make sense of the situation there is suddenly a knock at the door. Betty answers it and is greeted by a man who claims to be Kate's father. He has come seeking "Bob Danner's" help in finding the man responsible for killing his daughter and is willing to pay a heafty some, no questions asked.

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