Quote1 I'm not insane. I'm just gonna kill the little cretin. Quote2
-- Speedfreek

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Synopsis for "Sliced & Diced"

Teenager Larry Richards attempts to take his own life with a handgun in the bathroom. His father, the Reverend Richards, breaks down the door just as the gun goes off. The wound, though serious, proves to be non-fatal.

Meanwhile, Speedfreek visits the home of Bruce Banner in civilian attire. Bruce doesn't yet realize that this is actually one of his old foes. Speedfreek's want the Hulk to find Larry Richards, the one responsible for murdering his little girl. The Hulk goes to Reverend Richards' church and speaks with Larry.

Larry confesses that the entire affair was an accident and that he never intended on hurting anyone. The guilt that has been eating at him is the reason he attempted suicide.

Speedfreek enters the church and tries to kill Larry. Regardless of Larry's guilt, the Hulk is not going to allow Speedfreek to murder him in cold blood. The two fight one another and Speedfreek even succeeds in tearing open the Hulk's stomach with his Adamantium blades.

Speedfreek runs off to finish his work, but the Hulk catches up to him and hurls a car battery at him. The battery acid splashes across Speedfreek burning his exposed flesh. Screaming in pain, Speedfreek takes off. Larry is grateful to the Hulk and asks how he can repay him. The Hulk, feeling very little sympathy at this moment, tells him to go to Hell.


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