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Synopsis for "Down Under"

In New York City CNNN reporter Terri Ivens is reporting live from deep below the city where the NYPD has been tasked with moving a colony of homeless people out of the sewers under order from the commissioner. The situation gets tense when the officers spot what they think is an alligator and open fire. However, it is actually the Abomination, guardian of the people who live in the bowels of the city. The officers open fire again, but their bullets cannot harm the Abomination who tells them that they are invading on his domain. After easily subduing the officers, the Abomination tells them to stay out and warns them against coming again. He is joined by Sandra, the social worker who has befriended. The Abomination then carries her to safety.

Watching this on the news from their home in Sunville, Florida, the Hulk and Betty believe that the woman the Abomination was kidnapped. The Hulk is convinced by his wife to do something to help the woman. Concerned about keeping his identity a secret, Betty comes up with a solution, a fin hat that makes him look like the Savage Dragon. The Hulk thinks that this is a terrible disguise and decides to take his chances and leaps into the sky. Back in New York, Commissioner Howard Farris leaves the police station and hops into the limo of developer Wulf Christopher. Christopher reminds the commissioner how important it is to have the homeless people cleared out of the tunnels so that he can use them for his smuggling operations. Elsewhere, the Hulk continues his journey to New York in leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, in the Abomination's sanctuary, the people there are happy to see Sandy is back among them. The Abomination interrupts her handing out food to warn her that it might not be safe in the sewers, warning that there will be more police officers soon. Above the ground, the commissioner has elected Lieutenant Chase to lead the team going back into the sewers to ferret out the homeless people. They are soon joined by the Hulk who offers his assistance, and surprisingly gets it. As they are going through the sewers, Lt. Chase asks the Hulk if he is in Wulf Christopher's back pocket as well. Before the Hulk can find out what he means, they are confronted by the Abomination. As the two fight it out, Sandra tries to lead the homeless people away from harm. However, an old veteran named Lenny refuses to flee and rushes away to help the Abomination, with Sandy not far behind.

As the Hulk and Abomination continue to fight against each other, the police officers continue searching the sewers from the homeless people they are looking to remove. Lenny manages to sneak up on one of the cops and steals one of his guns. When Lenny tries to shoot at the officers, they return fire and mow down a number of the Abomination's homeless charges. Seeing his people pointlessly slaughtered sends the Abomination beyond the brink of madness. Fed up of constantly suffering losses, the Abomination vows that tonight is going to be his endgame against the Hulk.


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk mentions how the Abomination had kidnapped a woman before. He is referring to the Abomination's ex-wife Nadia whom the Abomination kidnapped from Incredible Hulk #382384.
  • Wulf Christopher mentions the "Ghost Rider" incident, he is referring to the period that Ghost Rider was active in the sewers from Ghost Rider (Vol. 3) #5861.

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