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Synopsis for "Shades of Green"

The Hulk has joined the NYPD in trying to clear out the sewer sanctuary defended by the Abomination. However, when a number of the homeless people in the Abomination's care are gunned down, the Abomination becomes unhinged and challenges the Hulk to a battle to the death. The two fight it out, but as the tunnels become enveloped in steam, the Abomination flees to the surface, challenging the Hulk to follow him up there to end things once and for all. This leaves Lieutenant Chase and his fellow officers in the sewers to deal with the rest of the homeless. Chase tries to regroup his troops when they are attacked by the Abomination. Fleeing for his life, Chase runs into Sandy, a social worker who has befriended the Abomination and his charges. He tries to hold her hostage, but the Abomination is not about to let himself be stopped. Elsewhere in the sewers, the Hulk tries to find his way through the mists when he is suddenly approached by the Angel who points the Hulk in the direction of the Abomination.

As the news of the story is reported live Betty Banner watches from the home she and the Hulk share in Sunville, Florida. She prays for her husband to be careful and not to overestimate the Abomination. While back in New York, Lt. Chase continues to hold Sandy as a hostage to the Abomination. Sandy begs the Abomination not to hurt the man, pointing out that he is just scared. Suddenly, the Abomination is attacked by the Hulk once again, allowing both Chase and Sandra to flee under the guidance of the Angel. While the two gamma-spawned monsters fight it out, they also argue on the merits of humanity. Their fight takes them smashing into the lobby of the Daily Bugle newspaper as it is unveiling a brand new fountain that has been installed. Their battle takes them outside, where the Abomination climbs to the top of the building and leaps at a news helicopter covering the story. The Hulk follows not far behind and leaps at the copter as well. All the while, Chase and Sandy get back to the surface where the commissioner demands that the Lieutenant go back down into the sewers and clean out the homeless or he will have his badge. Chase decides that it is not worth it and punches out the commissioner instead.

Meanwhile, the Hulk and the Abomination fight it out on the helicopter. When the vehicle is damaged, the Hulk grabs the crew and reporters and leaps to safety with them, leaving the Abomination to crash in the East River aboard the helicopter. On the ground below, the Angel tells Sandy that it is time for her to go, and that if they need her again they will call.

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