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The entire world is on edge thanks to a series of terrorist attacks being orchestrated by an organization calling itself the Alliance. As Betty Banner watches footage of these recent attacks, news about the capture of her husband. She angrily throws her food at the television. She then tries to leave the hospital room she has been in since being shot by Matt Talbot. When her doctor tries to stop her from leaving, Betty stomps on his foot and flees. On her way out she runs into Chief Largo, who tells her that he has managed to gather his associates and they are going to work with her to free her husband.

Meanwhile, at an army headquarters in Washington, D.C., the savage Bruce Banner is still locked in his cell. When he begins to become tired enough to trigger a change back into the Hulk, he is blasted with sonics to get him angry all over again. Watching this is from the monitoring room are General Matt Talbot and Senator Ralston. Talbot insists that they put Banner out of his misery, however, the Senator points out that the President wishes for the Hulk to get a fair trial. This angers Talbot, as there is enough video evidence of the Hulk causing wanton destruction to justify killing him immediately.

Meanwhile, Betty is taken to the secret hideout of the Headshop, Largo introduces Betty to Deadhead, Headgear, Headmistress, and Thunderhead. Betty learns that they can all detach their heads from their bodies. Largo goes on to explain that they were all individuals dying of gamma radiation poisoning until they were experimented on by the Leader. Largo and his allies then explain to Betty that they are seeking the Hulk's help and so they are willing to break him out of prison. They need Betty in order to restore the Banner back into the Hulk, which she confirms she can do. Back at army headquarters, "Lieutenant Dallas" (secretly Omnibus) uses his powers to influence General Talbot into allowing him to take leave. Talbot then hops into a limo where he finds NAS agent Henry Gyrich who tells Talbot that his talents will be needed in stopping the Alliance and their terrorist attacks. As "Dallas" drives off, he feels the Leader in his mind again and tries to force him out, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the savage Bruce Banner continues to rage in his cell, but despite his fury he does not have the strength to break out. As the soldiers outside the cell worry about if the Hulk can actually get out, Thunderhead manages to blast his way into the holding area. He is joined by the other members of the Headshop who incapacitate the soldiers and then begin trying to bust Banner out of his cell. As the others keep the soldiers at bay, Headgear and Largo work on cracking the locks on the Hulk's cell. When they finally open the cell, Banner tries to attack them, but he is no match for Largo's superior strength. Largo tries to talk sense into the Hulk, convince him that he is in danger and to come with them willingly. Elsewhere, Henry Gyrich briefs Talbo, and Dum Dum Dugan of the Alliance's various attacks. Suddenly, Talbot gets a call about the Hulk break out. Back at the facility, Banner tries to make a break for it, but a soldier tosses a grenade. Thinking his body to still be invulnerable, Banner tries to run through it but gets caught in the blast.


Continuity Notes

  • Bill Clinton is depicted as the President of the United States in this story. This should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Likewise should any reference to the 1996 US Election.
  • The Headshop mentions that one of their number, Frost, ended up becoming a Vegas enforcer. The Hulk battled Frost in Incredible Hulk #395-396.

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