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Synopsis for "Private Sessions"

After being attacked in his hotel room in Luma, New Mexico, Doc Samson finds himself tied to a chair in a darkened room. His attacker questions why he has been searching for him. Thinking that he is facing Bruce Banner, Samson breaks free of his bonds and tries to talk sense of his captors. However, his mystery attacker proves that he is not Banner by causing Samson's bonds to restrain him again with the wave of a finger. This man then explains that his powers can make it so that Samson cannot break free and he could kill the psychiatrist with the snap of a finger. He then demands that the Doctor begin answering his questions immediately. Elsewhere in town, the She-Hulk arrives at the ruins of the hotel that Samson was staying at. Introducing herself to the authorities, She-Hulk gets permission to look over the wreckage for clues.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, it is time for the premiere taping of "Keeping Up With the Jonses", the late night talk show that is hosted by Rick Jones and his wife Marlo. In his dressing room, Rick is questioned by his agent over his choice of guests to appear on his show. She is concerned that mixing members of the super-hero community with divisive celebrities could be creating nothing but trouble for the new show. Rick explains that they need to do something unique to get people to tune in. However, when Marlo enters the room wearing a tight fitting and slightly revealing outfit, Rick is stunned speechless. He then realizes that audiences will have plenty of reasons to tune in. While far up north, the people of Freehold fly their disposed leader Omnibus out into the middle of the arctic wasteland. Once they land, Hotshot has Omnibus stripped down to nothing but a loincloth. With his life on the line, Omnibus tries to explain that the Leader was trying to influence his mind, however, Hotshot and Jailbait find it hard to believe. When the Leader's personality comes to the fore, and demands their loyalty, Hotshot kicks him out of the plane instead. Omnibus curses the people of Freehold for leaving him to freeze to death in the Artic. As they fly away, Omnibus then begins to beg, but this does nothing to spare his life. While back in the United States, Matt Talbot waits to stand to answer to his superiors over why he used his authority to shoot Betty Banner during his attempt to capture the Hulk.

Back in New Mexico, the man who has kidnapped Doc Samson is happy to hear that his prisoner is a psychologist. The man explains that he needs help getting over a woman, as he finds it difficult to be an omnipotent being and still need someone. Samson explains that his attachment on this woman might be an attempt to keep a connection to humanity. When Samson asks this man to trust him enough to untie him, the mystery man can't bring himself to do so and sends Samson crashing into the ceiling. Not far away, She-Hulk is still looking for clues at to Samson's whereabouts when she briefly sees him appear in the sky and then disappear. She then heads off in the direction where he briefly materialized. Back inside his prison, Samson learns that this man doesn't want trust, he wants fear. Samson quips that if its fear he wants, he should see the Doctor's rates. While back up north, Omnibus tries to figure out a plan to get himself out of his situation when he suddenly comes face to face with a Polar Bear. While in New Mexico, the mystery man continues questioning Samson. He explains what he should do when the world is spiraling out of control, how he can hold onto such a flimsy thing as a romance. When Samson asks what he thinks, the man moves out of the shadows -- revealing himself to be the Molecule Man -- and explains that he hates it when shrinks ask him that.

Suddenly, the She-Hulk smashes her way into the room, and at first the Molecule Man mistakes her for his ex-girlfriend Marsha Rosenberg. This moment of weakness causes the Molecule Man to revert to a less menacing form. When Samson tries to warn her about the Molecule Man's power, she finds it hard to believe until he uses his powers to create a massive platform that elevates them high into the air. At that moment, Matt Talbot tries to justify his actions before a tribunal. It's at that moment that he snaps out of the control that Omnibust/the Leader had him under. Horrified over what he had done while under their control, Talbot begins to cry. Back in New Mexico, the Molecule Man uses his powers to change into his custome and debates which of his two foes to destroy first. However, for all of his bluster, the Molecule Man caves because the She-Hulk reminds him too much of Volcana and asks one of them to tell him what to do. When Doc Samson tells him to use his powers for something constructive instead of for destruction, the Molecule Man suddenly has inspiration. He thanks Samson and She-Hulk for their help and literally walks away on the air itself, leaving the pair to figure out how to get down.

Later that night, Marsha Rosenberg is watching television when she catches a special news report about how someone managed to repair Mount Rushmore, which was recently damaged by one of the Alliance's terror attacks. Much to everyone's surprise, not only was the monument restored to normal, but the person responsible also carved a new face into the mountainside, that of a woman which reporters cannot identify. However, Marsha recognizes the face instantly because it is her own, leaving her to wonder what her ex-boyfriend has gotten up to now.


Continuity Notes

  • The appearances of Gene Shalit, Jay Leno and David Letterman in this story should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Especially since all three men have retired for entertainment talk shows in 2010, 2014, and 2015 respectively. Likewise, the references to Rick Jones having guests such as Jack Kevorkian (who died in 2011), Harlan Ellison, and Newt Gingrich should also be considered topical references as well.
  • The people of Freehold believe that the Leader was killed in an explosion in Incredible Hulk #400. However, the Leader survived as he has since been seen in Savage Hulk #1. Omnibus states that the Leader's essence has possessed his mind. This, however, is not entirely accurate. As Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #30, following the destruction of his physical body in Incredible Hulk #400, the Leader's mind endured and was evolving into a higher state of being.

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