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Synopsis for "Survivor's Guilt"

Following the final battle with Onslaught, the Hulk's radiation levels began to spike to dangerous levels. In an attempt to contain the Hulk, the military tried to trap him in a radiation shielded cage. Instead, the cage melted turning the Hulk into a living statue in the middle of Central Park. Before the military could move the Hulk to a containment facility, his body quickly became a make-shift memorial for the heroes who were seemingly killed in the final battle against Onslaught. However, because the "statute" is dangerously radioactive, the military has set up a perimeter to keep people away. Among the people gathered is Betty Banner who demands to get close to the statue. Also among the people is Janis Jones, who remembers Betty from her future as her father had her ashes in his trophy room. The soldier shows Betty how dangerous the Hulk "statue" is by tossing a rock at it. When it incinerates before getting close enough to hit the Hulk, proves to Betty that it is too dangerous. Betty is then approached by Alex Wildman, who asks to speak to her because he has been having strange dreams. Understandably disturbed by this revelation, Betty tries to get away from Wildman and bumps into CIA agent Henry Gyrich. Gyrich also demands to talk to her and seeing that she has no choice, decides to accompany Gyrich to answer his questions.

Seeing Betty being led away, Alex suddenly start screaming in pain and demands to get close to the statue. Janis Jones watches as Wildman fights his way past the soldiers to try and get near the Hulk. Suddenly, in the middle of the madness, Alex Wildman is struck by a bolt of lightning and collapses to the ground. While not far away, Betty is taken to a nearby med-test where she is introduced to Colonel St. Lawrence. After St. Lawrence explains how she was inspired by meeting Betty's misogynistic father, General Ross. Getting to the point, the Colonel asks Betty to help convince the Hulk to surrender if he ever breaks free. Betty doesn't provide an answer and after a few tense moments, Betty is allowed to leave. While back at the memorial, Janis Jones continues to watch the Hulk statue as the rain begins to fall. Also watching is Jason, of the Pantheon. Not far away, Henry Gyrich goes to a limo and sits with Paris, the new leader of the Pantheon. Paris then offers the Pantheon's resources to the United States government now that the Fantastic Four and the Avengers are now seemingly dead, in order to fill the void they left behind. When Gyrich asks what Paris' motivations are, Paris explains that he is merely interested in money. Gyrich cannot commit to anything until he speaks to his people. Suddenly they Paris is contacted by Jason who tells him that something is happening at the Hulk "statue".

Suddenly, there is a massive explosion and when the smoke clears, everyone is surprised to see that the Hulk is now free. Jason and the soldiers on site begin to attack, prompting Janis to spring into action to help the Hulk. The Hulk responds to his attackers by clapping his hands together, the shockwaves of which cause the soldiers to tumble to the ground. When a military helicopter tries to open fire on the Hulk, it is blasted out of the sky by Janis. As Janis convinces the Hulk to let her tag along with him, Betty approaches the Hulk and tells him to let her help him. The Hulk turns to Betty and tells her that he has never seen her in his life. This causes Betty to break down in tears as the Hulk leaps away with Janis riding on his back.


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