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  • Pantheon ship

Synopsis for "Line in the Sand"

The Hulk and Janis Jones have fled to a rainforest to get away from the military who were trying to contain the Hulk. After Janis takes a swim, the Hulk asks why she has sought him out. Janis explains that the Hulk once saved her future from one tyrant and now she needs his help to stop another. When the Hulk doesn't give her an answer, Janis thinks it's just as well anyway as she had to use a less reliable version to travel back into the past and is stuck in this time. Until she can find her own way back home, Janis decides that she is going to stand by and help the Hulk however she can.

Meanwhile, at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., Colonel St. Lawrence is among the military staff called together to discuss hiring the Pantheon in assisting their hunt for the Hulk. St. Lawrence is uneasy about the Pantheon going after the Hulk alone and insists that she accompany them along with her soldiers, but is denied. Fuming over this experience, the Colonel drives him. En route she is stopped by Matt Talbot who asks to hop in. Having heard that she has been assigned to deal with the Hulk, Talbot warns her that everyone who has taken on the Hulk has been destroyed in one way or another and tells her to give up the assignment. When Cary refuses to do so, Matt gets out of her car and leaves without saying another word.

Back in the jungle, Janis Jones points out that part of the Hulk's problems is that he wants too little out of life, that being left alone never works nor does smashing anyone who gets in his way. When the Hulk asks what he should do, Janis says she has some ideas. Not far away, the Pantheon have located their position and head to attack. Hector reports back to Paris, who is waiting patiently in Colonel St. Lawrence's apartment. When she returns home, she is furious to see that he has intruded in her home and draws her gun. When she demands to know what Paris is doing in her home, the leader of the Pantheon responds by turning on her television, showing her a live feed of the Pantheon's attack on the Hulk. While at the Suttcliff Mental Institute, Alex Wildman has been locked up since his rampage in Central Park ended when he was struck by lightning. When doctors go in to check on him, Alex reveals to them that he is not only fine but managed to break free from his straight jacket and fights his way to freedom.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, Atalanta and Cassiopea try to take down the Hulk while Hector and Ajax try to subdue Janis Jones. The Hulk manages to knock them away, however, Cassiopeia blasts him again. The blast is so bright it blinds the camera briefly. When it clears up, it looks like Jason had managed to kill the Hulk by shooting him in the head. This is sufficient enough to convince Colonel St. Lawrence that the Hulk has been stopped. However, this had all been a ruse, the cadaver is actually a mindless clone that the Pantheon created. The Hulk and Janis are then asked that they work together in the future. However, the Hulk isn't interested, he smashes himself and Janis free from the Pantheon's ship and leaps to Washington, D.C. There, the Hulk demands to speak to the military brass. When they come outside, he warns them to leave him alone. However, from now on, if the military attacks the Hulk he will retalliate by destroying another city. Hoping that he has reached an understanding with the military, the Hulk and Janis leap away.

Solicit Synopsis

It's bad enough being the savage, out-of-control Hulk with pretty much the entire U.S. military on your tail. Throw the Pantheon into the mix, and all bets are off!


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