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Feeling a deep sense that something is missing within him, the Hulk finds himself back at the site of the Gamma Bomb test to find answers. The Hulk thinks about how he has always been able to instinctively find himself back here. He spots a skull buried in the ground and pulls it out. Unaware that it is the skull belonging to the Maestro, his possible future self, the Hulk thinks about all the people that he has lost throughout his long and tragic life. His mind then drifts to the memory of the Maestro told him about how he would lose everything and he angrily crushes the skull to poweder. Suddenly, massive metal poles rip out of the ground a containment device hidden here by the military under the command of Colonel St. Lawrence. The Colonel and her men are watching remotely from a bunker not far away. The hope is that the containment device will drain the Hulk's gamma energy to trigger a change back into Bruce Banner. However, the scans reveal that the Banner is completely absent from the Hulk.

Meanwhile, the Hulk's strength increases exponentially, giving him the strength to smash the containment device and smashes into the bunker. He then demands to know why St. Laurence attacked him here of all places. One of the technicians explains that they theorized that the Hulk always returns to the gamma bomb site whenever he goes through a life change. The Hulk goes into a fury, telling them that he wants something that is missing. Suddenly, he stops when he sees the technicians keys. This causes him to laugh maniacally and take off, leaving the Colonel to wonder what the Hulk will do next.

Elsewhere, at the home of, Rick Jones has been called in by Henry Gyrich to answer questions as to why he didn't get involved when the Hulk went on a rampage through Los Angeles. Jones explains that he and his wife were doing a remote show in Chicago at the time. Jones then angrily tells Gyrich that the Hulk's attacks were in retaliation for their moves against him and that they only have themselves to blame. Peter then threatens to have Rick arrested, but that's when his wife Marlo interrupts and orders Gyrich out of their home before she calls the police. With nothing he can do about the situation, Gyrich has not choice but to leave. Through the entire exchange, nobody noticed that Janis Jones -- Rick's granddaughter from a possible future -- has managed to sneak into the apartment.

Meanwhile, it is an average day on the island of Key Duck in Florida. In the small town, Officer Flannigan gives a hard time to Mike, the local panhandler. When Mike insults the officer he gets arrested for his trouble. At that same moment, the Hulk destroys the traffic bridge leading to the island. He then destroys all the nearby boats, ordering their passengers to swim back to shore. By this point, news of the Hulk reaches Mayor Cannon who finds it hard to believe until she looks out the window of her office and sees the Hulk working his way up the street. When the local police arrive he gives them one chance to shoot and when their bullets prove ineffectual he tells the officers if they shoot again he will kill them. This convinces the officers to stand down. The Hulk then tells everyone gathered that this island now belongs to him. The Hulk then tells them that there are two rules: the first is that everyone leaves each other alone, and the second nobody leaves. If they follow those rules, he will allow them to live. When the mayor asks what will happen if they don't, the Hulk gives her a savage look and through gritted teeth tells her that they will.


Continuity Notes

  • Some facts about the gamma bomb site that the Hulk visits in this story:
    • It is the birthplace of the Hulk, as seen in Incredible Hulk #1
    • The skull he finds belongs to the Maestro, from the possible future of Earth-9200. The Maestro was seemingly killed when he was sent back in time and atomized during the first gamma bomb test, as seen in Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #2.
    • The Hulk has been drawn to the bomb site because the Maestro's spirit is actually still alive and has been luring the Hulk back here to draw upon his gamma radiation in order to reform his body. This is all revealed in Incredible Hulk #461.

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