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The Hulk has become a figure of worship among the Locot tribe in the Savage Land. Adorned with primitive jewelry and face paint the Hulk feasts as the Locot celebrate their newly appointed god. As part of the celebration, they offer the Hulk the heart of the tyrannosaurus that the Hulk killed for them for a feast. The Hulk willingly accepts it from the shaman and consumes it out of his bare hands. Meanwhile, not far away, a woman named Leesha, of the rival Nowek tribe, has led Ka-Zar, Zabu and Wolverine near the Locot village to investigate reports that the Hulk is in the region. Wolverine explains that he went to investigate these sightings after he heard recent reports how the Hulk had recently clashed with the United States Army under the command of Colonel St. Lawrence in Antarctica. He came across St. Lawrence and her soldiers after the Hulk trashed an Antarctic research base and trashed some of their planes. From what they told him, their fight was interrupted by a tyrannosaurus rex that came up from the Savage Land. The combined weight of both the Dinosaur and the Hulk caused the ice underneath both to collapse sending them into the Savage Land. Wolverine then offered to go into the prehistoric jungle to try and hunt the Hulk.

With a land dispute between the two tribes, Ka-Zar tells the Nowek that he will help get rid of the Hulk, but will not get involved in their conflict over land. Meanwhile, the shaman of the Locot tries to explain the current situations and the pressure of being the leader of his tribe to the Hulk. However, the Hulk doesn't understand a word that he is saying and walks away. The following day, while expecting an attack from the Locot, the Nowek warriors hide in the trees along with Ka-Zar and Wolverine. Suddenly, the Hulk comes crashing into the forest, easily fighting his way through the flurry of arrows fired at him. Wolverine dives in and slashes at the Hulk's throat. Expecting to have his throat slashed open, the Hulk is surprised it isn't, and then amused to see that Wolverine's claws are now made out of bone.

As the Hulk and Wolverine fight it out the two tribes clash. Wolverine tries to talk sense into the Hulk, pointing out that he is being used by the Locot. This only gets the Hulk even more angry than before. However, before the battle can get any more deadly, the clash is interrupted by a massive tyrannosaurus rex. This causes both the Nowek and Locot to work together to kill this threat. A temporary truce is called and the two tribes begin to feast on their kill. Still suspicious of one another the shaman of the Locot and Leesha of the Nowek claim to have poisoned each others food and water. After measuring each other up, they cheers to a happy ending. In the aftermath of the battle, Wolverine congratulates the Hulk for tricking the two tribes into working together against a common enemy. When he slaps the Hulk on the back in congratulations, the Hulk suddenly collapses to the ground.


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