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Quote1.png For two minutes, there is no light in the tunnel but the Hulk's radioactive body. No sound but labored breathing and the Hulk's fists on the Abomiation's torso. And if two minutes doesn't seem like a long time, try counting it out a. Second. At. A. Time. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Lastlegs"

The Abomination is walking around New York, taking advantage of a rainstorm and a trench coat to walk the city streets, as people rarely notice a monster when it walks like a man. News of the Hulk's arrival in New York is being broadcast on the television, however, and it stops him. He briefly monologs about how he can now do the one thing he has always wanted to... only barely noticing when the Hulk himself walks past in a trance.

Col. St. Lawrence is finally introduced to the revitalized General Thaddeus Ross, who is taking back control of the Hulk taskforce. He hopes that his altered perspective from being dead will result in a more nuanced approach to the task at hand, hopefully leading to a "kinder, gentler Hulk". St. Lawrence, remembering that the Hulk once kissed her, can only remark that stranger things have happened.

In New York, the Abomination has chased the Hulk and is loudly calling for a fight. The Hulk turns to see his attacker, but thanks to the telepathy of Mercy, he sees the Abomination as different versions of the Hulk. This is enough for the suicidal Hulk to want to fight.

From a distance, Mercy observes the fight. She admits it will be a close-run thing: she has boosted the Abomination's powers subtly, but the Hulk has been growing stronger recently due to strange green energy which flares off him.

In a knock-down, drag-out fight which goes from the street to the sewers to the Morlock Tunnels that Abomination now calls home, Hulks uses every limb at his disposal to beat the Abomination to within an inch of his life, all the while shouting about the people "Hulk" has injured, and the terrible person "Hulk" is... much to the confusion of the Abomination.

As the fight comes back to street-level, Abomination is knocked unconscious. Mercy, realizing that her efforts will not result in her desired aim, lifts her telepathic hold on the Hulk's senses. He wants to know why she has suddenly taken an interest in him, and she admits that it is purely professional pride. He represents her unfinished business, and she wanted to kill him before it became pointless. But if she could not, it doesn't matter, and she must be leaving as the Celestials are coming back to Earth.

As colossal humanoid silhouettes blot out the stars, Mercy departs from Earth, remarking, "When they get through with you, you'll wish I'd been successful."

This story is continued in Heroes Reborn: The Return #1...


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk recalls the gamma bomb explosion that created him, this happened in Incredible Hulk #1.

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