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  • Troyjan ship

Synopsis for "College Days"

The Troyjans are hunting for the Hulk, attacking San Francisco in massive suits of armor. Capturing Bruce Banner at the hospital where his friend Rick Jones is recovering, Banner tried to summon up the Hulk only to discover that his alter-ego wasn't going to help. Stopping to think about the circumstances, Banner realizes that the Troyjans were seeking to capture the Hulk alive, and decides that the Hulk is playing it smart by not coming out and starts mocking the alien invader instead. Watching this, the Troyjan leader, Armageddon, tells his minions that if they can't make Banner transform into the Hulk by threatening him, they will succeed in harming his friends. Sure enough, when the pilot makes massive suit of armor move to smash Betty, Marlo and Rick, Bruce gives in and transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk smashes his way free from the villain's hands. Smashing open the massive head of the robot, the Hulk recognizes who his attackers are. The Troyjan tells the Hulk that his allies are going to go after a new target and blows himself up.

Seeing more giant robotic suits of armor flying away, the Hulk leaps after them. The Troyjans land at Stanford University where they are targeting the daughter of the President of the United States, who is attending the school. The Secret Service agents assigned to the First Daughter's safety try to shoot the massive mechanical suits, but their bullets have no effect. Back at the hospital, Betty and Marlo try to cheer Rick up. However, Rick is depressed because he has been crippled and will never walk again. When they tell him that Mister Fantastic and Tony Stark are working on creating an exoskeleton to help him walk. This does little to brighten Rick's mood.

Meanwhile, General Ross has called Colonel St. Lawrence to find out who is attacking San Francisco. She assures him that this isn't the work of Henry Gyrich, SHIELD or any super-heroes. When some Troyjans confront Ross with loaded weapons, he tells St. Lawrence that he has discovered that they are being attacked by aliens and is taken prisoner. While back at Stanford, the Hulk arrives and smashes the Troyjan warriors come to harm the First Daughter. After destroying all the robotic suits, the Hulk suddenly becomes aware of a massive ship that has appeared overhead. Suddenly a holographic projection of Commander Shon appears before the Hulk and orders him to stand down. When the Hulk refuses, Shon reveals that he has General Ross a prisoner and will kill him if the Hulk doesn't surrender. This causes the Hulk to laugh out loud. The Hulk is suddenly forced to change back into Bruce Banner, who offers to help the Troyjans accomplish whatever they seek, within reason, and warns them that if they try to harm him or Ross he will unleash the Hulk again.

With the terms and conditions settled, the Troyjans take Bruce Banner aboard the ship. The entire battle has been recorded by television newscameras, and the Hulk is being hailed a hero for saving the life of the First Daughter. Inside the ship, Commander Shon warns Banner if he tries to double cross them the Earth will be destroyed. They then tell General Ross to cooperate with them since he owes them for bringing him back to life. This comes as a shock to both Banner and Ross, but Thaddeus suddenly begins to remember how he was brought back to life by Armageddon. Banner recalls his past encounter with the Troyjan ruler and explains to the General how he and the Pantheon killed his son. Bruce fears that is Armageddon is seeking revenge for the death of his son, the Earth might not survive. While outside the ship, the Silver Surfer has detected the Troyjans and approaches the vessel, intenting to attend to deal with the permanently should they threaten the planet Earth.


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