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Synopsis for "Circus People"

In the aftermath of his battle with the Hulk, the Clown of the Circus of Crime talks to Doc Samson about the experience...

In Las Vegas, Bruce Banner checks in at the Three Rings Casino under the name Ross Oppenheimer. Banner has come here to search for clues about the person responsible for killing his wife. In his hotel room he decides to call Suzi Berengetti, an old acquaintance from his Vegas days. He soon learns that Marlo Jones, Rick Jones' wife is also in town as well. Meanwhile, the Clown meets with Maynard Tibolt, the Ringmaster, and former leader of the Circus of Crime. When the Clown asks if Maynard wants to join back up, Tibolt tells him that he does not. However, when Tibolt tries to hypnotize the Clown, it doesn't work, something the Clown mocks him for. Maynard decides it doesn't matter anyway, he just wanted to make an appearance before the Clown so when what happens next happens, the Clown and the rest of the Circus of Crime knows that he was responsible.

Later that day, the Clown leads Princess Python, the Human Cannonball, and the Great Gambonnos rob the Bank of Nevada. At that moment, Bruce Banner meets with Marlo Jones for coffee. Bruce asks Marlo why she isn't with her husband Rick and she explains that their lives have always constantly getting interrupted by things and that she needed to get away for a while to get her head together. When Marlo asks why Bruce is in Vegas, he explains that he is searching for clues to learn who was responsible for the death of his wife. When he insists that Marlo should go back to her husband, she tells Bruce to mind his own business. He relates to her situation and tells her that having Rick by her side will help her tap undiscovered strength. That's when she explains that she has gotten involved in some slightly illegal with some local hustlers. Bruce then offers to handle the situation for her.

Meanwhile, back at Hulkbuster Base, General Ross scolds Dr. Katherine Spar for allowing Banner to use her lab and escape. She reiterates her goals are to prove that Banner wasn't responsible for the death of his wife. This angers Ross because this puts her in league with other Hulk supporters as Doc Samson and Rick Jones. This inspires Katherine to look up Jones, when she gets to his home she discovers that he is really sick. Rick has her use his Avengers priority car to call Earth's Mightiest Heroes for help. Soon, Captain America, the Scarlet Witch, Firestar, and Justice arrive to pick up Rick. After the Avengers have left, Katherine wonders what she should do next. Just then the phone rings and when the answering machine picks up, Spar hears a message left by Rick's wife Marlo, asking him to talk. She also mentions how she is in Vegas with Bruce Banner, giving Katherine some idea on where to go next.

Later that night, Bruce Banner meets up with the local heavies that where going to hire Marlo to help with their job. Bruce tells them to keep Marlo out of it and forget who she is. They draw their guns and convince Banner to go along with their job anyway. The pair force their way into the vault of the Rally's Hotel and Casino. Knocking out the guards, they then start clearing out all the money. Before they can get out, the place was also crashed by the Circus of Crime who have come to rob the casino as well. When gunfire erupts, Bruce runs for cover but is grazed with a bullet. This triggers a change into the Hulk and he begins attacking everyone in the room. Although caught off guard, the members of the Circus of Crime are caught off guard. They ultimately manage to knock the Hulk out thanks to Princess Python's snake cutting the Hulk's air off.

... The Clown pauses his story for a moment, he explains to Doc Samson that with the Hulk as their prisoner, the Clown hoped to use him to get revenge against the Ringmaster.


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