Quote1 That's what you get for bringing knives to a Hulk fight, Wolverine. Quote2
-- Bruce Banner

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Synopsis for "Smash Meets Snikt"

Wolverine engages Skaar, only to be pounded to the ground. Skaar then leaps away to a bar on the other side of town, to order a milkshake. However, Daken is at the same bar. Meanwhile, back at the comic book store, Bruce Banner reveals to Wolverine that he set up this whole fight. He then fires an Old Power taser at Wolverine, to keep him occupied.

Back at the bar, Skaar and Daken begin to fight, before they sit down to talk. Daken compares himself to Skaar, considering that they were born outside of their mothers, trained by monsters and stabbed their fathers. Banner and Wolverine are watching from a distance, hoping that Skaar will learn not to kill his father. But when Skaar reverts to child form and whispers something to Daken, he pops his claws for the kill. Banner uses his shields to fling Wolverine directly into the bar, stopping Daken.

Skaar then returns to powered form, but Daken's Muramasa blade laced claws negate Skaar's healing factor. Daken says that Skaar wnated to die. However, Banner pulls his taser to Wolverine's head, threatening to kill him. When Daken doesn't take him seriously, Banner recalls how his father killed his mother, before trying to kill him at her gravesite. He managed to kill him by cracking his father's head on his mother's gravestone. This meant to him that the Hulk was created to protect the world form himself. The three parties then decide to part ways.

Unknown to Banner and Skaar, the Leader is observing them.

Appearing in "Clash of Furies"

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Synopsis for "Clash of Furies"

In Death Valley, Aberration and Axon are running from Lyra, who is tailing them like a skillful predator. Axon says that they have to keep moving, reminding Aberration about General Ryker's passionate speech about killing everyone who gets in their way. Boudicca mocks them and tells him that they should abandon her. Aberration thinks to destroy Boudicca, only for Axon to stop her, reminding her that Ryker and Osborn would kill them if they don't get the device back to them.

They then spot a nearby town, Badwater. They then respectively begin absorbing any bioelectricity and water they could find to replenish themselves. They also follow Ryker's explicit orders to have no witnesses. The then hold the townspeople hostage, demanding that Lyra come out and surrender. Then suddenly, a manhole beneath Aberration pops up and hits her squarely in the chest. Lyra climbs out of the hole, reminding them that they are dead women.

Solicit Synopsis

Smash meets slash as Banner and Skaar finally come fist-to-claw with Logan and Daken! But will the battle royale come down to Wolverines versus Hulks -- or fathers versus sons? Anything's possible as the Marvel Universe's most insane father/son duos throw down! Plus, in the SAVAGE SHE-HULK backup by Fred Van Lente and Michael Ryan, Lyra continues the search for Jennifer Walters!


Continuity Notes

Smash Meets Snikt

The origins of Skaar and Dakken are recounted here as they were told in Skaar: Son of Hulk #1-12 and Wolverine: Origins #15, 26-27 respectively.

  • It's mentioned that Daken has shards of the Murmasa blade imbedded in his claws. That happened in Wolverine: Origins #33.

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Clash of Furies: A Flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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