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  • Hellcarrier

Synopsis for "Perfection"

Banner is enjoying his greatest fantasy, spending it with his family. He is well known by the world as the man who killed Hulk. He then sees a towering skeleton before him, with a missile puncturing through its ribcage.

However, his fantasy is a sham, as he, among the rest of Earth's smartest minds, are hooked up to a virtual reality construct. Red She-Hulk urges Leader to kill them but he advises patience, as they require to drain all the knowledge from their brains. However, M.O.D.O.K. claims that they don't have that long, as Hulked-Out Heroes are tearing up the place. Leader dispatches Red She-Hulk to deal with them, while Talbot makes a speech.

Talbot's speech details how Earth's heroes have gone insane. However, the military knows, thanks to Korg and A-Bomb, that Talbot staged a coup with Hulked-Out A.I.M. marines. However, A-Bomb, Korg and Skaar have arrived to stop them.

Back in the fantasy world, Doom brings Banner's attention to the fact that their fellow scientists are fascinated with simple math. The explanation is that their brian power is being drained to help the Mental Organism Designed Only for Knowledge run the world. Doom, however, can somehow summon a mysterious gauntlet, capable of making small changes in this world. He asks that Banner study it. Banner does so and in the midst of discovering what it's from, he briefly sees Skaar fighting the Hulked Out A.I.M. marines, before being interrupted by his fantasy son named Skip.

Back in the real world, Banner's allies are forced to deal with Hulked-Out Heroes. A-Bomb is felled by Iceman, Photon and Storm. He asks Skaar to find Banner, for he is the only one who can stop this. Instead, Skaar throws him into the air right at the Intelligencia Helicarrier, before resuming his fight with the Hulked-Out Heroes.

Back in Banner's fantasy, he is catching fireflies with his family, when Doom interrupts their fun. He uses the gauntlet to turn Skip into Skaar. Banner runs to the Founders' Library, but is stopped halfway there by Skaar. Doom then demands that he fully activate the gauntlet to take them home. But before Skaar could crush Banner, he is hit in the chest by a missile fired by Betty, reverting him back to Skip. She tells her husband that he'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be perfect. However, Banner instead activates the gauntlet, declaring that he loves the real Betty more.

When Banner wakes up, he sees A-Bomb being struck down by Red She-Hulk. Unfortunately, Doom has also woken up and attempts to drain the others' brains by overriding Leader's technology. However, he unknowingly wired the wrong cable and instead fried his own brain. But before he could kill Banner, he is punched out of the Helicarrier by Red She-Hulk. She then tries to tell Banner something, only for Skaar to crash in and impale her with his sword. She reverts to human form, revealing her true identity as Betty, much to everyone's shock.

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Synopsis for "Act I: The Night Is For Vengeance"

Hiro-Kala remembers everything that has happened that brought him to the Microverse, where he found love with Lihla. He is now at the mercy of her father Axeman Bone for murdering Lihla. However, Sakaarians kick him away and run off. Axeman Bone declares to his men that under Sakaarian law, he will dispatch of Hiro-Kala personally. The long chase has come very far, before Hiro-Kala finds a crater with energy leaking out. He evades Axeman Bone's attempts to chop off his head, before falling down into the darkness. Axeman Bone then decides to leap in after him.

Solicit Synopsis

WORLD WAR HULKS CONTINUES! "Planet Hulk" was big. "World War Hulk" was bigger. Now with "World War Hulks," the Marvel Universe explodes with the biggest emotional story ever to hit Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk! Following the mindbending twist ending of "Fall of the Hulks," everything Bruce Banner knows has been turned upside-down -- and everything he's ever desired may be just a heartbeat away. Written by Greg Pak (PLANET HULK, WORLD WAR HULK) and drawn by Paul Pelletier (WAR OF KINGS, FALL OF THE HULKS: ALPHA), don't miss the insane action and non-stop revelations as Skaar, Son of Hulk, enters his most brutal battle, Bruce Banner faces his greatest temptation, and the secret identity of a certain scarlet smasher is finally revealed!


Continuity Notes


  • The man who appears to be Glenn Talbot in this story is actually a Life Model Decoy as revealed in Hulk Vol 2 #23.
  • Doctor Doom was brain damaged in Incredible Hulk #606 and is stuck in that state in this story. However, his mind is later restored to normal in FF #2.

The Night is for Vengeance:

Chronology Notes

Perfection: Some characters in this story appear in a flashback that affects their chronology. The affected characters are:

This story is part of the World War Hulks event, as such characters appear in this and other stories concurrently. Those affected are:

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