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Quote1.png This Dark Hulk personality has trapped Amadeus inside his own brain. Quote2.png
Maddy Cho

Appearing in "World War Hulk II: Part IV"

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  • Atlas Foundation mobile headquarters

Synopsis for "World War Hulk II: Part IV"

The combined heroes combating the Dark Hulk persona that has overtaken Amadeus Cho deploy nanobots that will release the gamma radiation inside of his body, leaving only Amadeus and no Hulk. Internal to his mind, Amadeus struggles against the destructive impulses of the Hulk until he realizes that the anger is a part of his personality and that this rage can be directed against injustice. He integrates the negative aspects of the Hulk and the conflicting nanobots inside his body end up diffusing most of his body mass, leaving a leaner and mentally healthy Cho.

Three months later, New York City decides against pressing charges but ends up taking virtually all of his money and intellectual property in compensation. He leaves the courthouse a free man with an integrated personality and a support network of heroes.

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The curse of the Hulk has turned into a horror, and now Amadeus enters his final showdown with the monster within. But what happens if the monster... turns out to be Amadeus himself? A hero faces his greatest demons with the lives of everyone he loves in the balance and massive repercussions for Amadeus and the Hulk!

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