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Appearing in "Allegiance, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Allegiance, Part 3"

One Hour Ago

The Hulk and his Warbound are face-to-face with the leader of the Spikes, alien creatures that consume and assimilate organic matter into their collective. Miek detects the creatures "chemming" that allows him to tell his allies what they are saying. The Spikes explain that they are spaceborne creatures that draw sustenance from cosmic energy given off by dying stars. Every generation the Spikes then travel to a new galaxy, however, during their most recent migration something went wrong and they ended up crash landing on the planet Sakaar. With their primary food source cut off, the Spikes were reduced to scavaging by consuming the living creatures of this world. Ultimately, the Red King fought them back with his Death's Head Guard during the Spike Wars. Although the Spikes were sent into space again, they were imprisoned on Sakaar's moon. Still cut off from the stars, the Spikes were forced to feed off each other to survive until they were once more brought back to the planet. The leader of the Spikes asks for use of the Shadow's stone ship to return to their rightful place, and offers to help the Hulk in exchange for safe passage back to the stars.


The Hulk and his Warbound have the Crown City surrounded by an army of Spikes under their control and now face the Red King. However, instead of surrendering Angmo-Asan decides to battle the Hulk one-on-one. In order to show the Red King why he is being beaten to death, the Hulk has Miek "chem" memories of all the atrocities committed in the name of the King into the despot's mind. However, this does little to move the Red King, who is insane with power. Soon the two begin to fight it out. As they battle, the Hulk's rage increases giving him more and more strength. No longer weakened by the Great Portal, the Hulk is able to withstand Angmo's attacks, wrecking his exoskeleton. With his defeat well in hand, Angmo offers the Hulk one opportunity to kneel before him. When the Green Skar refuses, the Red King activates a weapon that rips open the very crush beneath the Crown City, threatening to kill them all. Caiera explains that the King has cracked the very crust of Sakaar and the planet will soon explode. However, the Hulk refuses to surrender and leaps down into the yawning crack in the earth and moves the plates back together, saving the planet.

The Hulk then leaps out of the hole and lands his most powerful blow on the Red King. The strike sends Angmo flying into the forests of the Wildebots and he is suddenly swarmed and taken apart by the robots. With the Red King seemingly dead, Elleo suggests they destroy the Spikes before they can turn on them. However, the Hulk tells her that the war is over and the only monster on this world is dead. The Warbound then work to free the slaves and distribute food to the people. The Hulk is coronated as the new ruler of Sakaar and a celebration is thrown in his honor. However, the Hulk isn't partaking in the festivities as he has offered his body as a source of sustenence for the Spikes to feed on, thanks to his gamma-irradiated body's enhanced healing abilities. However, the constant feeding is starting to take its toll, making it only a temporary solution.


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