Quote1 ...This fight is over. We are all Warbound now. Embrace your brothers. Or I'll kill you myself. Quote2
-- Hulk

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Synopsis for "Allegiance, Part 4"

The Red King is dead and the Hulk has been crowned the new ruler of the planet Sakaar in his place. In order to keep the Spikes from attacking his people, the Hulk has offered up his own body as a source of sustenance, believing that his gamma-spawned healing factor will sustain him. Concerned, Caiera the Oldstrong warns that not even the Hulk is powerful enough to continue this for much longer. With the Spikes sated, the Hulk briefly reverts back into Bruce Banner, although his cloak covers up this transformation long enough for the Hulk to regain control. The Hulk and Caiera then go out into the market for some food when suddenly they hear the sound of violence.

Elsewhere in the city, Elloe and Miek are leading their followers against soldiers who are still loyal to the previous king. They fight their way into the senate building threatening to kill all inside who are loyal to the Red King. However, inside, Elloe discovers that her own mother is among the senate. When Miek tries to kill her, Elloe stops him. This leads to a struggle between Elloe and Miek over killing her mother. Fighting is about to break out between the imperials and the insectoids when the Hulk interrupts the battle. When neither side is willing to stand down, the Hulk decides that the should settle their differences in the arena. As the Shadow People wait for an audience with the new king, they are disappointed to see the arena is still being used. When Elloe and Miek refuse to stand down, they are then allowed to fight to the finish. However, before the two opposing armies can harm each other, the Hulk comes crashing in and orders them to attack him. He forces them to fight him together, and when the battle is over the Hulk tells them to embrace each other as Warbound or he will kill them himself.

The Shadow People then meet with the Hulk to renegotiate treaties with the new ruler. However, the only change the Hulk makes is instead of having Caeira as his shadow, he asks her to be his queen, a position the Oldstrong accepts. Later that night in the Hulk's chambers, Caeira begins a Shadow marriage ceremony. In the middle, Caiera insists for this to be official that the Hulk show her his full self. The Hulk briefly allows himself to change back into Bruce Banner who introduces himself to Caeira. When she kisses him regardless of this revelation, Banner turns back into the Hulk. The newly married couple consummate their marriage and then go out onto the balcony to view their new kingdom. Meanwhile, at the Imperial Science Hall, Miek and No-Name are looking around. Miek is complaining because he feels that the Hulk has lost sight of his true purpose, smashing. The Brood then convinces Miek to fool around with her near the ship that first brought the Hulk to Sakaar. They accidentally bump the controls, turning on the video left for the Hulk by the Illuminati. Hearing how the Hulk was exiled from his world because he caused too much destruction, Miek decides to use this to remind the Hulk of who he really is.


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