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Quote1.png The people said I was the Sakaarson. Come to save them and unite them. But I was the World Breaker all along. I just didn't know you were too. Stupid humans, with your stupid shuttle. Can't you do anything right? I wanna die. I wanna burn into nothing. But with your bomb, you just made me stronger. The strongest one there is. The only one there is. Give-- them-- back! Give! Them! BACK! Give her back. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Armageddon, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Armageddon, Part 2"

In the Twisted Woods outside of Crown City, the robot known as Arch-E-5912 extends an invitation to the Wildebots to join the united races of the planet Sakaar under their new leader, the Hulk. However, the Wildebots are unconvinced to join with the new ruling class. When Arch-E tries to convince them, showing how the Hulk liberated the planet, they then show him footage of the SHIELD shuttle has a compromised warp core. The Hulk tries to stop the breach but he is too late and the warp core explodes. Sakaar is rocked by a massive explosion that kills millions of people. The Hulk tries to shield his new wife, Caiera the Oldstrong, but it is not enough. As she is atomized, Caiera promises her husband that she will always be with him. As Crown City is decimated, Elloe and Miek are returning to the planet after assisting the Spikes in space. They are just in time for Elloe to contact her mother one last time before she too is incinerated by the explosion. While far away from Crown City, Korg and Hiroim witness the blast and watch in horror as the ground around them cracks open and the molten flames incinerate the rest of their party. Hiroim manages to survive as the Old Power transfers entirely to him now that the Elder Shadows are also dead.

With the planet breaking up around them, the Warbound and any survivors are recovered by Miek and Elloe in the Stoneship. In the flaming rubble, the Hulk thinks about how the Illuminati banished him to this world thinking he would find peace here. Seeing everything he has built crumble around him the Hulk becomes angry. The corpse of his wife crumbles to dust in his arms and he screams at the heavens to give them all back. The Hulk then goes on a rampage until his rage subsides, giving into grief. Suddenly, the Stoneship lowers through the smoke and appears before the Hulk. From the ship come the Warbound, who remind the Hulk that they are with him until the end. With his army willing to follow him wherever he goes and help him with what comes next, they take to the stars. Aboard the Stoneship great weapons are forged for the coming battle against those the Hulk blames for the destruction of his kingdom. From the outside hull of the ship, the Hulk angrily points his sword in the direction of their destination, the planet Earth.

This story continues in World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker #1...


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