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Quote1.png You're working for the bad guys. So no more fooling around. Here's why I came: The Hulk needs help. And no matter what he's done or you've done... you're still his friends. Quote2.png
Amadeus Cho

Appearing in "Warbound, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Warbound, Part 1"

Jennifer Walters laments the recent loss of her gamma-spawned abilities. After a fight with Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. technicians infected her with nanobot power inhibitors and dropped her off in New Jersey. Now, she hitchhikes down a highway, thinking about her cousin, Bruce. Suddenly, Amadeus Cho, a.k.a. Mastermind Excello, pulls up on his motorcycle and offers Jen a ride and a bottle of grape Nehi.

In New York, Reed Richards consults with Doc Samson over a monitor screen. Samson has borrowed a Fantasticar pod and is tracking Jen and Mastermind Excello. Reed warns Samson about Amadeus, and tells him that the best route towards apprehending him is to attack him emotionally.

Amadeus and Jen go to a diner. Jen warns him that he's still a known fugitive and she demands an explanation for his presence before she calls the cops. Amadeus feels that Jen has given up on her cousin, the Hulk. Jen tells him that he only sees him as a hero, but easily forgets that he is just as much a monster. The two finish their meal while continuing their discussion on the Hulk’s merits. As they walk outside, they run into Doc Samson. Samson creates a powerful clap that knocks them both over.

Jen races over to see if Amadeus is okay. He reminds her that Samson is the one responsible for providing Tony Stark a psychological evaluation recommending that S.H.I.E.L.D. de-power the She-Hulk. Jennifer flies into a rage and suddenly begins to change.

Shockingly, she turns back into the She-Hulk. The grape Nehi that Amadeus offered her contained elements that countered the effects of the nanobots. She backhands Samson into the side of a parked vehicle. Len tries to calm her down, telling her that he always had her best interests in mind. He acknowledges that Jen is disappointed in him, but she corrects him, replying, "I'm not disappointed, Len. I'm mad." She then punches clear across the city.

During the confusion, Amadeus runs away. He runs until he meets up with Hercules and Angel. His actions are monitored by Reed Richards back at the Baxter Building.

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| Trivia = In the opening scenes, She-Hulk is hitchhiking down a highway in Jersey. She remarks, "I can practically hear the theme music". This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the 1978 Incredible Hulk television series, which routinely featured lead actor Bill Bixby hitchhiking down a highway with the program's theme song playing in the background.

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