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Appearing in "Warbound Part II"

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Synopsis for "Warbound Part II"

This story occurs concurrently with the events of World War Hulk #12...

The Warbound are in their spaceship. Hulk warns them that if they help him fight the Illuminati, that they will be called monsters, but they are resolved in their desire to help. Korg also wishes to fight Thor while Brood wants to destroy the X-Men, as each had wronged their species in the past. He warns his allies about the dangers but they are headstrong in helping their leader. Korg asks if Hulk has any friends on Earth, but Hulk says the humans are Banner's friends, not his.

On Earth, Mastermind Excello approaches Hercules and Angel and petitions their help on behalf of the Hulk. S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives and orders both unregistered heroes not to ignore Mastermind. Excello uses a device to make S.H.I.E.L.D. fire missiles at them, which causes Hercules to believe S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to harm them and so he fights the agents. The two former Champions escape together with Mastermind Excello.

Angel is upset that he is now a wanted criminal and frozen from his bank accounts. Mastermind Excello reveals that last week he had hacked into Warren's back accounts and diverted money for his own use, including creating a private amphibious flyer. Mastermind wants to enroll Namor's help so they travel to Atlantis. There, Namor warns Mastermind Excello about the dangers of trusting the Hulk, and refuses to cooperate. They witness the holographic recording of Hulk demanding to see the Illuminati members, threatening them with the body of a defeated Black Bolt. Namor's cousin Namora sympathizes with Hulk and joins the three as they return to the surface world.

On the way to New York, they encounter a boatload of people traveling opposite the evacuating masses. For various reasons these people are intent on being in New York with the Hulk. One of them is later revealed to be Tom Foster, the cousin of the deceased hero Goliath. The Hulk arrives on the scene, battling Iron Man. Mastermind tries to talk to the other Warbound to offer help, but is grounded by the Warbound's ship. They instead perform various rescue activities until the fight is over. After the dust clears, Mastermind Excello approaches Hulk to offer him help in person, but Hulk scoffs at his puniness and rushes to attack. Hercules saves him and fights the Hulk for a while until a badly injured Hercules convinces the Hulk that they, along with a crowd of puny humans, really want to help. This gives the Hulk pause as he considers...


Continuity Notes

  • The Warbound are seeking revenge for the following:
  • Amadeus Cho recounts how the Hulk once battled the Champions a few years back. This was chronicled in Giant-Size Hulk #1.
  • Thomas Foster mentions how his uncle Bill, the hero known as Goliath, was killed in the superhero Civil War. That happened in Civil War #4.

Chronology Notes

This story intersects with many other stories during the World War Hulk event. As such the continuity of various characters are much more complex than usual. The affected characters are as follows:

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