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Quote1.png I pushed him as hard as I possibly could. And I'm still alive. He's...he's no monster. Quote2.png
Amadeus Cho

Appearing in "Warbound Part V"

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Synopsis for "Warbound Part V"

Across from Madison Square Garden, the Angel, Hercules, and Namora wait to see if Amadeus Cho can talk the Hulk out of forcing Earth's heroes to fight to the death. Angel wonders if they had chosen the wrong side in this battle, but Hercules and Namora are convinced that Amadeus is brave enough to accomplish his goals.

Meanwhile, Amadeus Cho has managed to sneak into the Gardens and find where the hulk has been keeping the captured heroes prisoner. However, the Hulk has found him and is not impressed with the fact that Cho has been speaking with his prisoners. Reed Richards warns Amadeus to run, however the boy refuses to leave as he is sure the Hulk won't kill him. When the Hulk tosses his massive sword at the boy, it pins him to the wall, sliding harmlessly between his torso and his arm, proving Cho's point that the Hulk doesn't kill. But, when the Hulk tries to slam his fist into the wall, Amadeus is pulled to safety by Scorpion. However, the impact causes the ground beneath them to collapse, sending the pair falling into the sewers.

The Hulk follows after them but when the Scorpion tries to fight him, Cho knocks him out. A Death's Head unit then arrives and tries to blast the boy, but he takes it out with a well timed flick of a pebble that bursts a pipe and washes the robot away. Having earned a preprieve, Amadeus then shows the Hulk what he plans to do to help him out. He explains how he has purchased a large amount of decommissioned military land in New Mexico that he intends to build into a sanctuary for the Hulk called Gammaworld where he can be left alone. This new home will be defended with a special dome that will prevent anyone who is not a gamma mutate can enter. The Hulk isn't impressed, telling the boy that he hasn't come here to hide from humans, but to kill them all. Cho doesn't buy it, still insisting that the Hulk never kills. The Hulk then mentions numerous times where he has taken a life, but Cho counters by pointing out that the Hulk was either not in control of himself, or was acting in self-defense. When the Hulk points out that he also smashed the Red King of Sakaar, Cho doesn't believe it counts because that was war, likening him to Captain America killing Nazis during World War II. The Hulk then grabs Amadeus and leaps out onto the side of Gardens and points to the ruins of New York City and tells the boy that this is also war.

Amadeus Cho then points out that if he was planning on killing Earth's heroes he is stalling on it. The boy theorizes that the reason is because the Hulk knows that no matter how responsible the Illuminati were for the destruction of Crown City, they didn't do it intentionally. The Hulk explains that he isn't going to kill them, he is going to force them to kill themselves. Hearing this, Cho realizes that he can't get through to the Hulk and calls in his Renegades to help him. He then distracts the Hulk long enough for Angel to swoop in with the Scorpion. When the girl smacks the back of the Hulk's head, she infuses him with a venom that wreaks havoc on his gamma-irradiated physiology. Cho asks what happened, and the Renegades explain that they have been on the wrong side of this conflict the whole time and the Hulk must die. No wanting this, Cho goes up to the Hulk and tells him that he has convinced him that he is a killer and that everyone he loved who died is all his fault. This angers the Hulk that it pushes his healing into overdrive to fight off the poison. The Hulk gets up and tries to crush Amadeus under a rock, but the Renegades come to his aid.

The Hulk then screams in Cho's face and then slams his fists on either side of the boy, burying him in rubble. When the Hulk leaps away, the Renegades dig Amadeus out and he tells him that he is certain the Hulk is not a killer, as he pushed him as hard as possible and the brute didn't kill him. Hercules hopes he's right and hopes the Hulk does the right thing in the end.


Continuity Notes

  • Amaedeus mentions the three women that the Hulk has loved who were believed to be dead at the time of this story:

Continuity Errors

When listing the people he's killed, Hulk fails to mention Agent Pratt, whom he killed in Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #49.

Chronology Notes

A Flashback in this story affects the Chronology of the following characters:

This story intersects with many other stories during the World War Hulk event. As such the continuity of various characters are much more complex than usual. The affected characters are as follows:

Page 1 to 24, Panel 3:

Page 24 Panel 4

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