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Chicago, A Few Years Ago...

Foster, a hatchet man for mobster Jimmy Delfini, is about to torture a man who failed to pay his debts to the family. Vincent, begs for his life, asking this transgression to be forgotten, but Foster won't allow it because it sets a bad example. Before he can get to torturing Vincent, he is interrupted by Pyles. Delfini's massive chauffeur, much to Foster's irritation. However, Pyles insists that it is important and takes him out to Mr. Delfini's limo. Looking inside the car, Vincent is shocked by what he sees, but tells Pyles that nobody learns about this.


Joe Fixit is still in control of the body of Bruce Banner, he begins making a recording to keep his alter-ego informed about the things that he has been up to while in control. He tells Banner that he is heading to Chicago to deal with some unfinished business, and heads up there in Hack's car.

Upon arriving in Chicago, Joe Fixit forces his way into an illegal gambling den run by the Delfini family. Announcing who he is and reminding them of his reputation in Las Vegas doesn't stop the patrons from trying to kill Joe, but he easily swats them aside. After easily knocking aside his attackers, he tells one of the operators that he wants to see Jimmy, Sr. about the money he is owed. He is taken into a back room where he meets Delfini's sons, the deranged Charlie, the simple minded Dicky, and heir apparent Jimmy Delfini, Jr. Also, there is Delfini who sits in the back quietly. Foster quickly confirms Joe Fixit's credentials and that the Delfini family does owe him money. They send Joe away while they talk about the situation.

Jimmy, Jr. wants to think about it, but Foster tells him that paying Fixit is probably the best thing to do in this situation. He then "consults" with Jimmy Sr., who is clearly dead, and "confirms" that cooler heads will prevail. However, Dicky tells them that he already sent his men to eliminate Fixit. At this moment, Fixit is exercising in his hotel room when Dicky's men come bursting in and open fire on him. Naturally, the bullets do nothing to harm Fixit and he easily bowls over the men. He then tells them to send a message back to Jimmy Delfini, Sr. and tell him that he has doubled the amount of money his family owes him. When one of the men try to blow him up with a bazooka, he easily trounces them again. When word gets back to the Delfini brothers, Jimmy, Jr. decides that they need to go to war against Joe Fixit in order to restore their family honor, despite the protests from Foster. Still, Jimmy believes that Fixit was hired by the Chinese mobs to attack the family. No matter how Foster protests, the Delfini brothers still insist on launching an attack on the Chinese.

Elsewhere, Joe Fixit is updating his recording to Bruce Banner when he is confronted by Foster, Pyles, and Delfini, Sr. The Hulk demands that he get paid double plus interest and demands an answer from Jimmy Delfini, Sr. Seeing there is no way around it, Foster and Pyles reveal that Jimmy has been dead for quite some time.


Continuity Notes

  • Multiple mentions are made to the time Joe Fixit was an enforcer in Las Vegas. This occurred from Incredible Hulk #347-359.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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