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Joe Fixit has come to Chicago to collect money owed to him by Jimmy Delfini, Sr. After Delfini's deranged son's failed attempt to eliminate the Hulk, thinking that he is in league with the Chinese mobs, the Hulk learns from Foster and Pyles that Jimmy Delfini, Sr. is dead. They explain that they have been keeping this death a secret from Jimmy's dimwitted sons in order to prevent them from running the organization into the ground due to their erratic and violent behavior and their poor decision making. For years, Foster has been secretly running the family ensuring that it stays profitable. But with the Delfini siblings going after the Chinese mob, Foster gives the Hulk the two million he is owed and, on top of this, offers an additional ten million in for his assistance. Foster wants the Delfini children eliminated, with Joe Fixit doing the dirty work both Foster and Pyles can take control of the organization without making it look like a takeover. For ten millions dollars, the Hulk agrees to take on the job, although he doesn't like the idea of throwing a fight with Pyles to complete the ruse.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Delfini, Sr. and his brothers have gathered their men and are preparing them to go to war against the Chinese mob. They work everyone up to a frenzy and being discussing taking out all the other rival mobs in order to make the Delfini name mean something again. As predicted, the three Delfini brothers take the mob to an abandoned Chinese restaurant. As Foster and Pyles watch, Pyles thinks back to his childhood and how he worked his way up to be an enforcer for Delfini. Other than his fear of dogs, he is the strongest man in town and he is left fuming over the fact that he has to act as muscle for the idiot sons of his deceased boss. As the Delfini brothers and their men try in vain to gun down the Hulk, Pyles decides to make a play for leadership of the mob. To this end, he takes the body of Jimmy, Sr. and uses it to bludgeon Foster to death. He then goes down to the battle and faces the Hulk one-on-one. Thinking this is still a part of the script until Pyles attacks him.

Quickly realizing that the fight is for real, the Hulk finds that Nobby Piles is more than able to match his strength. As the two fight, the Hulk is knocked into a pet shop. He suddenly remembers a rumor going around in Vegas about how Nobby was afraid of dogs. When he tosses puppies at his opponent, this rumor is confirmed. With Nobby paralyzed with fear, the Hulk demands payment from the defeated Delfini brothers. With his twelve million dollars, Joe Fixit leaves Chicago. He then updates his recorded commentary to Bruce Banner, telling him that the Delfini brothers now have full control of the mob, he remarks that Chicago is his kind of town.


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