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-- Hulk

Appearing in "Do You Know Where You're Going?"

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  • Killer-Shrikes Wrist Blasters

Synopsis for "Do You Know Where You're Going?"

The savage Hulk has arrived outside of the city of Wausau and is distracted by a billboard put up by the Church of God that asks the question "Do You Know Where You're Going?" A good question, because the Hulk isn't entirely sure. He decides to head into the nearby city, likely drawn by the lights. The Hulk lumbers into town unseen under the cover of darkness and slips into a nearby alley.

Not far away, Simon Maddicks and his girlfriend Nadine are passing through on their way to starting a brand new life together. They are lost however, Simon thinks that this might be the right place to try and settle down. Although she thinks that Maddicks might be scheming again, she reluctantly decides to follow his lead. While back in the alleyway, the Hulk witnesses as a drug deal goes down and contemplates going on a rampage but decides against it. Not far away, Simon and Nadine get into an argument when Nadine catches her boyfriend casing a convenience store. Simon believes that he can rob this place with little or no interference. He points out to her that they can take whatever they want here because there will be no costumed heroes to stop them here. He then suggests she take on a cool name for herself, and suggests Death Raven. Nadine isn't sure she can handle this anymore, but as Simon puts on his Killer Shrike costume he tells her that if she loves him she will stay. At that moment, from his alleyway vantage point, the Hulk watches a young couple exit a bar. Watching them kiss makes the Hulk thinks about the women he has loved and lost in his life, namely Betty Ross and Jarella. The sight makes the Hulk depressed and he wanders back into the darkness.

Back at the home of Doc Samson, it is 3 AM, and Leonard asks Angela to come back to bed. She continues to stand at the window watching the rain fall. She tells him that she is worried about Bruce and how he disappeared after he discovered that the body of his late wife is being held in stasis. She worries that this revelation could be a major setback for him and they need to support him now more than ever. While in Wisconsin, Killer Shrike has successfully robbed the store but as he rushes out he is stopped dead in his tracks by the approach of the Hulk. When Killer Shrike zaps the Hulk with his wrist gauntlets the Hulk snaps out of his funk long enough to stomp his foot and knock his attacker off his feet. The Hulk then tries to continue on his way, but Killer Shrike -- thinking the Hulk somehow tracked him here -- attacks again. He keep unleashing blasts until the Hulk has been buried under a collapsed building. Thinking he destroyed the Hulk, Killer Shrike rejoices. However, the Hulk emerges from the rubble unscathed. Much to Shrike's surprise, the Hulk isn't interested in fighting and just leaps away.

Killer Shrike rejoices as he believes he defeated the Hulk. When he goes back to his van to see if Nadine saw the battle, he is horrified when he sees that part of the building toppled onto it as well. Digging through the wreckage, Killer Shrike is devastated to learn that Nadine was killed on impact. As Simon Maddicks mourns the loss of his lover, the Hulk curls up onto a roof top and goes to sleep.


Continuity Notes

  • There are numerous mentions to the fact that Bruce's wife, Betty Ross, had just recently died. She died of radiation poisoning in Incredible Hulk #466. Her corpse has been kept in stasis ever since. She will be eventually resurrected, as seen in Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #62.

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