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A young man named Rick is driving along the road and almost runs down Bruce Banner because he is paying too close attention to the television in his vehicle. Pulling over he checks to see if Bruce is okay, not recognizing him as the wanted fugitive he just heard about on television, Rick offers Bruce a ride. Seeing the news report playing in the car, Bruce turns off the television. Rick thinks nothing of it, thinking that he doesn't need any more distractions while driving.

Meanwhile, Doc Samson is breaking into his old lab, although he thinks this might be a bad idea since there are a lot of ghosts here. As he says this he comes across an old newspaper report about his transformation into Doc Samson pinned to the wall. Still, none the less, he turns the power back on and begins going over the data stored there, unaware that a little boy watches him from the shadows. Elsewhere, Jink Slater is out back of the motel he is staying at with his unwanted partner, Sandra Verdugo target practicing with a photo of Bruce Banner. He challenges Sandra to hit the target dead center. She takes the offer but instead of shooting at the photo, puts the gun under Jink's chin. She decides to spare him, tossing the gun back chiding Slater for being so predictable.

At that moment, Bruce Banner is debating on the Hulk's responsibility in the death of Ricky Myers. Rick is convinced that there is some kind of cover-up going on because he doesn't think that the Hulk would intentionally kill a kid. As they continue the conversation, Rick notices that they are being followed by Deputy Murphy, the local cop. He doesn't like Rick driving on the bridge ahead of them because he think that Rick's van is too heavy. No sooner does he say this does the vehicle begin to break through the wooden bridge. While back at Doc Samson's old lab, Leonard discovers the boy hiding there. He learns that a kid, Randy Connors, has come here to hide from some local bullies who always try to beat him up. Randy explains that he keeps on fighting the bullies because they think he is a coward and even beat him up in front of his girlfriend. Samson can entirely relate to this, thinking back to his early career as Doc Samson and his battles with the Hulk. When Randy asks what Leonard is doing in his lab, he explains that he is using the equipment to track an old friend.

At that moment, Jink Slater and Sandra Verdugo are using the exact same method to track Bruce Banner using an advanced FBI laptop. As Sandra explains how the device works, they get an indicator that Banner has stopped moving and is not far away. Back at the bridge, Banner has gotten out of the van and is scrambling to get Rick out before the creek rises enough to drown him. However, despite the assistance of Deputy Murphy, Rick's leg is pinned under the wheel of the car. With no other choice, Bruce tells the officer to get to cover and shuts out all through of Ricky Myers as he allows himself to change into the Hulk. Back at Samson's lab, the Doctor explains how he is going to use Bruce's DNA to scan for him and track him. However, Randy is too preoccupied with the fact that his tormentor, a kid named Kevin, is heading to the lab right not to administer Randy's beating. Samson suggests the boy think like the Hulk until he "becomes" the Hulk. Then let Kevin make the first punch, then hit him as hard as he can.

Randy doubts this is going to work, but when he comes out to face Kevin and his friends. However, he follows Samson's orders to the letter. When Randy goes to strike Kevin, Samson punches the wall of the facility as hard as he can, the force of the blow causes the ground to shake, knocking the bullies off their feet. As Sandra and Jink continue to close in on Banner, Deputy Murphy calls for help to get Rick out of the river. However, he has to quickly get out of the way as the Hulk tosses Rick's van back out onto the street, crashing it into Murphy's squad car. The two assassins then round the corner and narrowly avoid hitting Murphy as is carrying Rick to safety. They crash into the two other cars, throwing Jink from it. Sandra rolls out of the car and Deputy Murphy commandeers it to get Rick to a hospital. Seeing that Junk is still recovering from the crash, she tries to shoot him, but he is quick at the draw. Instead, they check the laptop again and discover that Banner is not far away. Some distance away, Banner is back in his human form has changed his clothes. He looks over at the site of an accident and sees a woman looking back in his direction. Thinking nothing of it, Banner turns around and walks away.


Continuity Notes

  • Doc Samson recounts his origins and first battle with the Hulk. This happened in Incredible Hulk #141.

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