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  • 3X217 Prototype


Synopsis for "All Fall Down"

While in the town of Miser, Colorado, Bruce Banner found himself in a hostage in a convenience store. With Agent Pratt, an operative for Home Base posing as an FBI agent trying to apprehend the Hulk, Banner was shot by a sniper while trying to protect Sally Riker, a hostage negotiator. Hearing this over the wire he planted on Riker, Agent Pratt takes out an anti-Hulk weapon just as Banner turns into the Hulk and smashes out of the store. As the Hulk smashes his way through the police outside, Agent Pratt prepares to fire the gun, but before he can pull the trigger, the Hulk slams his fists on the ground, knocking Pratt off his feet. As people flee the scene, Pratt has a hard time getting a shot in, while the Hulk trashes the squad cars and brings down a building. However, Agent Pratt finally gets a shot in, hitting the Hulk in the shoulder. The Hulk storms toward Pratt, but eventually ends up succumbing to the powerful tranquilizer in the dart and passes out inches away from the Pratt.

Sally Riker pulls herself from the rubble and takes cover to see what Agent Pratt is up to. One of his agents asks why they still need Banner after extracting some of his blood. He quotes "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" questioning why they would kill the creature that gives them hope. Agent Sweets still doesn't understand why and is shot in the head for his questions. As Agent Pratt drives away, Angela rushes to Agent Sweets as her backup arrives. When they tell her to get to first aid while they handle things, she decides to do something else instead. She picks up a discarded sniper rifle and sneaks into a squad car and drives off before the arriving officers can question her on what happened. Not far away, Agent Pratt drives along a dirt road continuing to quote Coleridge. Banner wakes up and warns Pratt about how easy it is for him to break free. Agent Pratt tells Banner that he is pumped full of so many tranquilizers that he doesn't think the Hulk will be making any appearances. When Banner asks what Pratt plans on doing with him, Pratt smirks and says "that would be telling..."


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