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Racing to Nadia's diner, Doc Samson and Sandra Verdugo's car was blasted off the road by operatives of Home Base. They find Samson cradling the lifeless body of Sandra in his arms. The agents report back to their master who tells him to kill both, reminding them that Sandra cannot be killed outright, she must be dismembered and her remains scattered. While back at the diner, Nadia and the mysterious Mr. Blue flee from strange creatures that are hiding in the tall grass out back. Once they have retreated to the darkened house, Mr. Blue grabs the shotgun from Nadia's hands and turns it on her. While not far away, Bruce Banner's rental car is pulled over by a highway patrolman. He checks Banner's registration and tells him that Nadia's diner is on the next right, and wishes him luck. At that moment back in the diner, Mr. Blue fires the shotgun into the darkness, killing one of the Krill, creatures created by Home Base to collect a sample of the Hulk's blood. While back at the crash site, the two Home Base agents fall for Leonard and Sandra's bluff, allowing Sandra to shoot them when they get close enough.

Meanwhile, at the diner, the two women find that the Krill have infested the house and try to flee outside, only to see a horde of the creatures rushing toward them. Not far away, Bruce Banner suddenly gets a flat tire. As he gets out and walks away he hears something thumping on his car. When he turns he sees a group of Krill standing on the vehicle waiting for him. At the diner, the two women fight their way through the Krill, making their way up to the bedroom of the house and barricade themselves inside. Fighting side-by-side, Nadia and the mysterious Mr. Blue realize they have more in common than just their connections to Bruce Banner. At that same moment, Sandra and Doc Samson steal the Home Base chopper to fly the rest of the way to Nadia's. Simultaneously, Nadia becomes fed up with Mr. Blue's constant secrets and demands to know who she really is. When she is about to do so, the swarm of Krill suddenly come crashing in through the window. Almost out of bullets, the two women race to the attic where they are soon sieged by Krill who burst in through the roof. However, before the women can be devoured by the creatures, the Hulk comes crashing up through the floor, sending the tiny creatures scattering.

Mr. Blue begs the Hulk to flee the scene as he is in danger, and tells the gamma-spawned brute to look at her. The Hulk gets a good look at the women in his hands and realizes that it's his late wife Betty.


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  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books.[1]

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  1. Incredible Hulk: Split Decisions TPB #1
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