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  • Home Base
    • Previous Empty Leader Next Empty (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)
    • Previous Empty Agent S-5 (Final appearance)
    • Agent S-6 (Final appearance)
    • Agent G-7 (Death)

Other Characters:

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  • New Mexico
    • Nadia's Diner
    • Carlsbad
      • Home Base headquarters



Synopsis for "Deja Vu"

Through one of their genetically engineered Krills, Home Base has managed to finally get a sample of the Hulk's blood. However, as the creature heads toward their headquarters the Hulk pursues after it. Meanwhile, Doc Samson, Betty Ross, Sandra Verdugo and Nadia Dornova are surrounded by Krill with only a spotlight from a downed helicopter keeping the creatures back. Unfortunately, the light is fading necessitating one of them to go to the chopper and try to fire up its generator. However, with the Krill swarming the chopper that is a dangerous prospect as well. Sandra offers to do it since she has regenerative powers. However, she decides against it due to the protest from the others. Meanwhile, at Home Base, young Ricky Myers is working on a toy model while watching a news report on his test. He is checked on by a woman who escorts the boy out of the room, offering to show him the experimental plan the model is based off from. At that moment, the Hulk is gaining on the Krill, with the others busy Home Base's headquarters is about to be discovered. Not liking this prospect, the mastermind behind the organization incinerates his technician and orders S-5 and S-6 to do something.

When the Krill dives into a crevice outside of Home Base, the Hulk rips it wide open revealing the hidden facility inside. While this is happening, the leader of Home Base orders his men to do what they can to distract the Hulk. While back at Nadia's, Doc Samson and the others have only a little more time before the light goes out. Learning from Betty and Nadia that the creatures are vulnerable to water. With their shotgun broken, Samson improvises one using a handgun, the smashed barrel of the rifle and Nadia's shirt. Back at Home Base, the Hulk is attacked by a swarm of helicopters, but the gamma-spawned monster easily destroys them. In the process he damages the laser cannon being prepped to stop him as well. At that moment, Samson is able to blast the water tower and knock it over just as the Krill descend upon them. The creatures are then shorted out by water before they can all be devoured. While at Home Base, Ricky Myers is brought into a room and told to wait for a special visitor. Suddenly, the room starts to shake. As the Hulk tears into the building, the mastermind behind Home Base decides to lure the Hulk back into the path of the laser cannon by showing him Ricky Myers. At this point, Doc Samson gets the helicopter operation and he heads toward Home Base with Betty and Sandra, leaving Nadia behind.

Meanwhile, the Hulk forces his way into Home Base. There he is confronted by an operative who asks the Hulk if he is seeking the Krill or Ricky Myers. She then points to the room where Myers is. When the Hulk goes after the boy he is struck by the laser with such force the entire room collapses, burying Ricky alive.


Continuity Notes

  • Betty's reappearance here is a complicated one, especially since the Leader seems surprised that she is there. Some facts:
    • Betty died of radiation poisoning in Incredible Hulk #466. As revealed in Incredible Hulk #473-474 this was due to Betty being injected with the Abomination's Blood.
    • The Leader wonders how Betty was brought back to life, which he should know since he and the other members of the Intelligencia were responsible for bringing Betty back to life as seen in Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1.
    • However, some aspects of this storyline are part of the manipulations of Nightmare as a round about way of birthing a child named Daydream as revealed in Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #81 so some elements here, such as Betty's facelift and the fact that the Leader doesn't know that Betty is alive again are all part of this scheme.

Publication Notes

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books.[1]

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