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The Hulk is face to face with a clone created by Home Base that can transform into an insectoid version of himself. As the two battle it out, Banner's allies Doc Samson, Betty Ross, and Nadia Dornova wait for him to kill the clone. As time goes on, they wonder what is taking Bruce so long to shoot the creature, unaware of the two transforming and battling it out by hand. Nadia eventually gets on Betty's nerves to the point where she almost punches the woman out. Leonard stops her, pointing out that Nadia is creating a distraction so they don't think about the shame they feel for not being able to kill the clone and leaving Bruce to do the dirty deed. To smooth things over, Nadia pours everyone a drink and tells them to all sit tight while they wait until the man they all love commits murder.

Back in the desert, the Hulk clone mocks Banner by calling the Home Base's leader a genius in executing his master plan. When the Hulk points out that he is dead, the clone retorts that this is not the case. As they continue to fight, the clone explains that everyone from Ricky Myers, to Sandra Verdugo, to Betty Ross were all used and manipulated by Home Base in order to secure the blood of the Hulk. The clone goes on to explain that Betty is more than she seems. However, as they fight, the Hulk points out that, regardless of their success in cloning Banner, they haven't managed to duplicate one thing: the madder the Hulk gets the stronger the Hulk gets. As the two continue to fight, Betty Ross hears the blows from Nadia's home and tries to run off and help Bruce, but is stopped by Samson. However, Nadia points out what they are all thinking: That regardless of who comes through that door, nobody will be sure if it is the real Bruce Banner or the clone.

Suddenly, they hear the helicopter outside start up and rush outside. They see Bruce inside, and as soon as he is aware of their presence, he shuts it down. He explains that Nadia's location is too hot to stay at and he was checking the oil and fuel levels. He suggests that they make a hasty retreat after they give Betty the transfusion she needs to cure her cancer. Inside, Bruce tells them that he buried the clone in a canyon not far away. However, Leonard and Betty are not entirely sure if this is the real Bruce or the clone. Although Nadia trusts it on faith, the other two go outside to check out the body. They find the body and note that Bruce removed the brain and the heart to make sure that the clone does not regenerate and return to life. Realizing that it is the clone, Betty realizes that she blew any chance that Bruce would have to trust her. When they return to the diner, they discover that Bruce had already left. However, he left behind the needed blood to cure Betty. When Ross asks how Nadia could trust Bruce on faith alone, she tells her that sometimes faith is all you have. Meanwhile, Bruce Banner heads down a lonely stretch of highway to California.


Continuity Notes

  • Betty's reappearance here is a complicated one:

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