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Synopsis for "Dear Tricia..."

Bruce Banner meets a woman, Patricia, on the streets of London. After a brief flirtatious exchange, she leaves in a cab, which explodes. She is a sorceress, and in her astral form, teams up with the Hulk bring to justice whomever the killer is. They only have 24 hours to put her soul to rest before her soul dissipates forever. She begins her journey by looking into her magical associates.

When she learns that none of them were responsible, she reveals to Bruce that they've met in past lives. She asks him to go to 32 Hyde Street, where her fiancee, Edward Perkins, lives, to tell him that she loved him. Bruce does, and meets the man. He also notices Edward's son. Bruce sees Patrica's aura pointing at the boy. Bruce accuses the boy of Patricia's murder, and Edward defends the boy. Bruce turns into the Hulk, and tells the boy to start running, or else he'll tell all the local sorcerers and sorceresses that he killed Patricia, and caused them a lot of trouble when the Hulk investigated them for it. As Hulk laughs, the boy flees.

Later, Bruce lays down a letter that he wrote for "Tricia", at her grave.


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