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  • AIM's Submarine

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The mutant government of Australia has encountered a major problem with their attempts to stymie human refugees in their country: The Hulk. Governor Exodus then attempts to get advice from his master, Magneto, who warned him against invading the land owned by the Aborigines of Australia and wishes him the best of luck against the repercussions. After the meeting, he tells his subordinates, Vanisher and Pyro, of the results. However, Exodus is convinced that they can triumph over the humans. With the amount of land between their headquarters and the Hulk, their security systems will be able to detect his approach. Sonar scans of the nearby ocean also indicate that the only thing in their vicinity is a lone blue whale. Exodus orders his minions to be alert, as the Hulk isn't stupid.

However, the blue whale is not as innocuous as they think. It's actually being steered by the Hulk so the AIM can shield their submarine as it approaches the Australian mainland. Inside the sub, Monica Rappaccini is impressed by this method. However, her colleague Aaron Isaacs is more concerned over the fate of his son Adam who had been taken prisoner during their last clash with the mutant Darwin Forces. Monica reminds Aaron that her own daughter, the Scorpion, is also an operative of AIM who means more to her than Adam, who she views as a "glorified toaster" since he is merely a robot. She then goes back to work and thinks back to earlier that day...

... Monica Rappaccini had invited Bruce Banner aboard their submarine in order to convince him to join the cause of AIM in liberating Australia and creating a human refuge. She gets him to talk about his relationship with the Hulk, and how he came to be among the Aborigines. She learns that he has disdain for the Hulk, which he sees as a manifestation of his rage, even though they may need him to liberate the country. They are soon interrupted by the Scorpion, who warns them that they could be picked up by sonar. It's here that Banner came up with the plan to use the whale to cover their approach and turns into the Hulk. The Hulk lets Monica knows that she is up to something, and warns her that although he approves of her screwing with Bruce, if he screws with her he will destroy the sub. Monica is impressed and thinks she understands the Hulk better than her...

Meanwhile, Exodus tries to interrogate Adam Isaacs while he is being examined by his team of scientists. Although he tries to appeal to Adam by comparing his advancement over other machines as mutants are above humans. However, Adam is not moved and refuses to tell him anything about what AIM and the Hulk are planning out of loyalty to his father. He does tell them that his father signed up with AIM after they rescued him when AIM bombed the research facility where Adam was built. Exodus doesn't recall any such attacks and questions if this really was a mutant attack, or something AIM staged the attack in order to gain the loyalty of the Isaacs. Suddenly the proximity alarm goes off, and Exodus is informed that the blue whale they detected was a ruse and a missile is now heading toward the government building. Exodus explains that he will handle it and uses his eye blasts to destroy the projectile. However, the missile didn't contain explosives, but notes that spread all over Sydney. The message is one of warning to the mutant government to cease hostilities and meet to discuss terms or AIM and Bruce Banner will attack.

Later, word comes out that the mutant government agrees to meet. Monica meets with Aaron, Bruce, and her daughter to discuss the situation. Even though they believe that this is probably a trap. However, Banner disagrees with setting the Hulk upon them because violent will only beget more violence. Monica decides to play things Bruce's way and agrees to send Banner, Dr. Isaacs and her daughter to the meeting while she stays back as back up. Soon, the trio approach the government building in Sydney to participate in the meeting. However, when Exodus sees that he will be facing Bruce Banner and not the Hulk, he attempts to fry Banner's brain with his telepathic powers. However, they are prepared for this. Although he is also stricken by the mental attack, Aaron Issacs contacts his son and tell him to create a distraction. In the lab inside the building, Adam gets the message and reassembles himself and unleashes the full force of his weapon systems. The resulting explosions distract Exodus enough to allow Bruce to transform into the Hulk. Exodus tries to blast the Hulk, but he is immune to his attacks and he easily tosses Exodus from his balcony. With the mutant government overthrown the Hulk asks who will fight him next. Instead of challenges the people gathered outside begin to chant the Hulk's name. Reporting back to her mother, the Scorpion informs her the situation is looking up.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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