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Synopsis for "Peace in Our Time Part 1"

Bruce Banner has retreated to northern Alaska where he and the Hulk has been living harmoniously with nature, particularly the local grizzly population. After going fishing as the Hulk, Banner returns to his cabin to await a supply run from a man named Mark DePolna, who knows him as Robert. After cooking the man some fish and paying him for the supply delivery, DePolna recommends that Banner buy a smoke kit so he and sell the fish down in the market. Before leaving, Mark recommends that Bruce go down to the town of Kinnetuk as there is a good band playing at the local bar. When Bruce tells him that he prefers to live in solitude, Mark levels with him: He figures that "Robert" is up in the wilderness to forget something, but he tells Bruce that he shouldn't forget about his humanity. This is enough to make Bruce consider take him up the offer.

That Saturday night, Bruce goes down to the Blue Canoe. When he tries to enter the bar, the bouncer tells him there is a $5 cover charge, and then increases it when he learns that Bruce doesn't have anything less than $10. He is soon joined by Mark who is ready to get drunk, but Bruce doesn't drink. Mark introduces Bruce to a woman named Katie, who is in the area to shoot a documentary. After exchanging pleasantries, Katie has Bruce escort her to the bathroom because it in in a separate building out behind the bar. While Bruce waits, he watches as a drunk girl is lured away by a pair of men and regards it suspiciously. When Katie finally leaves the bathroom, Mark is out looking for them, but they find no trace of "Robert".

Not far away, the men have lured the woman out into the woods where they try to rape her. Coming across the scene, Banner turns into the Hulk and attacks the men. With the attackers incapacitated and the battle drawing others, the Hulk quickly leaves. When Mark makes his next supply run to Bruce, Banner is packing up his things to leave. Mark then surprises him by handing him a cell phone that suddenly begins to ring, despite there being no signal up in the mountains. When Bruce answers it, the device projects a holographic image of Nick Fury, who tells Bruce that they need to talk...


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  • Reprinted in Incredible Hulk: Prelude to Planet Hulk

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  • The phrase "peace for our time" was spoken on 30 September 1938 by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in his speech concerning the Munich Agreement and the Anglo-German Declaration.

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