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Quote1.png I know exactly what I am. And if you have any brains at all, you'll shut the hell up and let me walk away... before I kill your whole stupid planet. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Anarchy, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Anarchy, Part 2"

With the growth of Eleha'al vines growing in the arena where the Hulk bled, the people of planet Sakaar believe that the Hulk is the Sakaarson, the prophesied savior of the planet. This causes a rebellion in the Capital City that is quickly quelled by the Red King in his exoskeleton. Worried about their ruler, one of his advisors called Caiera the Oldstrong to inform her of what is going on. However, the King's bodyguard is busy on her hunt for the Hulk. In the village of An-Charr, Headman Charr demands that the Oldstrong do something after the Hulk decimated his village. Suddenly, they are attacked by an army of insectoid natives of the planet Sakaar. They are easily killed, but they learn that these are not slaves who were kept under An-Charr, but another tribe who that has allied themselves with the Hulk. When they ask who else has allied to the Hulk, they learn that all of the natives have joined his side.

Some miles away, the Hulk learns that the natives are joining his side. Although Miek is reveling in the role as the savior of his people, Hiroim points out that they need shelter and a means of feeding all the innocent people they have taken on, but the Hulk knows just the place. Soon, they attack the Maw, interrupting one of Primus Vand's training sessions. The slaves refuse to raise a hand against the Green Skar, and the Hulk easily overpowers Vand and removes their slave discs. However, instead of killing Primus Vand, the Hulk decrees that nobody will be a slave again. When Elloe Kaifi demands that Vand pay for killing her father, the Hulk tells her to kill him herself, but she can't bring herself to do it. When one of the Maw creatures tries to attack the Hulk, the gamma-spawned brute removes its Obedience Disc, taming the creatures nd taking it as his steed. Soon they travel to the Steppes, a sovereign no-mans land owned by the Shadow People. It is desolate after the Spike War, but the Hulk thinks it is perfect.

Suddenly, Miek detects that a mass of his people are being slaughtered by the forces of the Red King. Elloe checks it out and sees that they are under the command of Governor Denebo of Wukar. Seeing how Miek's people are suffering convinces the Hulk into leading his Warbound on a mission to rescue the surviving insectoids. This turns out to be a trap as the soldiers have Death's Head Guards with them. But, the Hulk and his forces hold their ground in the coming battle. Amid the chaos, Miek crosses paths with Headman Charr again and fatally wounds him. Dying, Charr tells Miek that he has become just like him. This enrages the tiny bug who savagely attacks Charr's corpse until the battle is over. However, Miek still wants to slaughter the soldiers who have surrendered. Ignoring Korg's orders to stand down, the Hulk stands between the soldiers and Miek and stuns his men with a hand clap. Miek angrily stabs the Hulk in the chest and demands to know why they are sparing the men who slaughtered his people. The Hulk says nothing, but Korg comments that Miek should know why. Miek responds by telling Korg that he is only learning what the Hulk is teaching him.

While back in the Crown City, Caiera the Oldstrong and her forces arrive to stop the rebellion that is brewing in the city. Caiera is horrified to see the Red King killing his own people in his exoskeleton. The Oldstrong gets in the middle of the slaughter and uses her Old Power to knock the dissidents off their feet. However, the King still demands that they be killed. However, before he can follow through on his demands, they are joined by Governor Denebo who has returned from the field without his army. Shellshocked by the battle he has just witnessed, he claims that the Hulk is actually Sakaarson and is incinerated for his blasphemy. The Red King then decrees that he is the one true Son of Sakaar and orders Caiera to destroy all of the so-called pretends to the throne. That evening, the Hulk and his people have set up camp in the Steppes as a cold winter snow begins to fall. Korg reports that someone killed Primus Vand and the other prisoners, but none of the refugees are accepting responsibility. Miek doesn't understand why they are not celebrating these deaths, and Hiroim points out that any strike out of anger will only be met with a greater response.

Miek returns to No-Name and his people who all feel the last living queen of their race calling out to Miek, asking for her to be saved and also for Miek to change. Suddenly, Miek's body enters into a cocoon state. The following morning, news about the rebellion in the Crown City has reached the refugees and they petition the Hulk to go and help the resistance. The Hulk refuses, telling them that all he wants is to be left alone and if they knew any better they would listen to his demands before he destroys the entire planet. However, this isn't good enough for the insectoid natives of Sakaar, who have a new leader: Miek, who has emerged from his cocoon to reveal a massive new form. Miek refuses to allow the Hulk to go anywhere and challenges him.


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