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Quote1.png You tried to kill us with swords and spears. You tried to kill us with bombs. You tried to kill us with your stupid Spikes. But that just made us mad. So get ready, Red King. Now we're coming for you. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Anarchy, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Anarchy, Part 4"

When Caiera the Oldstrong failed to kill the Hulk, Red King Angmo-Asan has a ship filled with deadly Spikes crashed on the battlefield. The King's soldiers and the Hulk's refugees all watch in horror as the Spikes begin consuming everything in their path. As the swarm approaches the Hulk and Caiera, the Hulk isn't impressed by the creatures and tells the woman that once he is done with them, he will be coming back for her. Caiera doesn't think so and uses the head of her spear to impale the Hulk's foot, pinning him to the ground. The Hulk responds by tossing Caiera out of the danger zone so he can face the Spikes alone. He is soon infected by the Spikes and as his body begins to be consumed, the Hulk orders his Warbound to get back. Much to their amazement, the Hulk manages to pull the infected tissue from his body, saving his life. With the Spikes starting to form one huge mass, the Hulk pounds his fists into the ground, causing a collapse that gives them some momentary cover for most of the refugees to escape with Korg and Hiroim. However, not all manage to get away, forcing the Hulk and those who remain to get to higher ground. There, Elloe Kaifi informs the Hulk that they are surrounded by Spikes. Not far away is the fortified city of An-Sara where they can find refuge. However, they will have to pass through an area where the very grass itself has been infested with the parasites. Although some of the refugees think they are doomed, Miek points out that they are with the Hulk and he will get them through alive.

While at the city itself, Caiera the Oldstrong is organizing people to fortify their homes from the Spikes. As the people rush off to do so, Caiera is contacted by the Red King who tells her that her primary concern is to kill the Hulk. She tells him about the Spikes, and demands reinforcements, and he assures her that they are on their way. However, the Deathfire Bomb are not to used to destroy the Spikes, but to create a wall of fire around the area trapping the Hulk, his allies, and the village of An-Sara with the Spikes. Watching from afar the latest problem is viewed by Korg and Hiroim who note that this was intentional. Caiera the Oldstrong also realizes what her King is doing. She then begins leading the trapped citizens in holding off the Spikes with flame throwers. The Hulk then collapses a column of rock, allowing himself and his allies to make their way to An-Sara. After having the Spikes burned off of him, the Hulk then assists Caiera and the villagers in saving the city, much to the aggravation of the Red King who is watching from afar.

Meanwhile, Miek and his people detect some more of their people and force their way into a well-guarded silo. Inside they find the last queen of their people who has been imprisoned as her eggs are being used as a food source. Furious, Miek begins slaughtering the people, despite the protests from Elleo. In the midst of the carnage, the queen is infected by a Spike. Seeing this, the Hulk comes to rip the infected tissue out. Just then Korg and Hiroim arrive with reinforcements. With the city saved, the Hulk is hailed as a hero by the people. In the aftermath of the battle, the Red King chastises Caiera for helping the Hulk, revealing that he intentionally dropped the Spikes to try and destroy him. In retaliation, he drops a Deathfire bomb on her. Although Caiera survives the blast, a child she was recovering is atomized. Seeing that her ruler has finally gone too far, she offers to join the Warbound and is welcomed by the Hulk. The Hulk then addresses the planet wide vid-feeds informing the Red King that he is coming for him. Watching this, Angmo tells the Hulk to bring it on.


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